Celebrity interracial couple's bashing is real... and dated

Posted by Sidney, 21 Aug 15

Why are we still stressing our a**es over celebrities' interracial relationships? Getting yourself worked up over some celebrity's choice of partner says a lot about the kind of era you are from.. And trust me, this ain't it.

Like Derek Luke said the other day: "Whomever you choose to date is your personal business", celebrities still bashed about getting their swirl on.

Here are some who have fallen victim to this barbaric online bashing crap... And like the Lee Vann puts it: "If you've found yourself casting shade at one of these ... stars bashed for interracial dating, relocate your chill and find something better to do."

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  • Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley: My heart bled for her. Can you imagine people calling you a "white man's whore" all over the internet? She confessed on Oprah that she had never experienced so much hate in her life. In tears, she gave details of the hurtful and unbelievably racist online comments.
  • Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Kanye has been ranting about people hating their interracial marriage. Some argue people aren't really against their relationship because they are an interracial couple but against Kim's past.
  • Lorde & James Lowe: Asian man dating a white woman? Teens practically had a racist meltdown calling Lowe "ugly", “PSY gone wrong”, “Mao Tse Ting (mao zedong)" ... These critics are unforgiving.
  • Derek Luke & Sophia Adella: The couple has been slain on social media. Luke even had to slam back at the critics recently saying: "... we're in the year of 2015 & when should it be a problem to date outside of your race?"
  • Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Having been married and divorced to two Black men in the past, people wondered why suddenly her recent relationships have been with white men. She had to defend herself on Ebony saying she has not abandoned Blacks.
  • Amber Rose & Wizz Khalifa: Family!! That's where most of it came from. Amber's family members weren't happy when the pair decided to get married. And you guessed right: They didn't attend her wedding.
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    1.   mr.chilvary says:
      Posted: 16 Sep 15

      Might want to update wiz and amber

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    2.   swtie22 says:
      Posted: 31 Aug 15

      love is love ... people are there to tok n judge yah but you the make make the relationship flow.. tighten ur earz n kip it cool ...enjoy love and life .. after all we are all humans and created by the same God guyzz ......

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