Check Out These Stunning Photos of a Nude Interracial Couple in Their 70s!!!

Posted by Sidney, 12 Jul 16

Who would have thought that nude photos of people over 70 could look as beautiful as Gerry's and Darwin's (pictured). And to top it off, they are an interracial couple who have been together for over 20 years. Don't you just love the art?

Well, photographer Jade Beall deeply believes in beauty despite age - even the beauty of people over 60 years of age - and that's why she approached Gerry, 75, and Darwin, 70, whom she has known for years and photographed them for a project celebrating older bodies. Beall told BuzzFeed, “I have been wanting to do a series celebrating older bodies and long-lasting love, and they were simply a perfect match. I want to make a beautiful book... highlighting beautiful photos of humans or couples over 60 and a little bit of their life story.”

This book is meant to be a continuation of her first book , The Bodies of Mothers, where she featured bodies of mothers at all stages of pregnancy.

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Looking at the intimate and vulnerable portraits, Gerry and Darwin seem to be a couple at ease... an interracial couple so in love. They had no qualms sharing this on social media. Beall said:

“Gerry and Darwin are very comfortable with themselves. They are in a place of appreciating life for what it is. Gerry told me that she had had her makeup and hair done for the shoot and that she felt a little unlike her normal self, and I told her she looked beautiful. I took some head shots for them first, then I was ready to make the image I envisioned: bare, vulnerable, and embracing.”

Posted on Beall's Facebook page, the photos have received a stunning amount of support. Here are some of the comments in reaction to the photos:

'For me, these are 1000x more interesting to look at than photos of "conventionally attractive" people...'

- Jenny Stergiou.

'I look at the whole picture but my eyes are continuously drawn to their faces. They are so in love. With each other. With themselves. This made me teary eyed. It is so beautiful. Thank you Gerry and Darwin for sharing your love with all of us.

- Amy Miner Rutherford.

'The man's face is what love looks like.'

- Caitlynn Vantongelen

Beall hopes to photograph hundreds of bodies of older people: “I need ethnic diversity, I need differently abled bodies, I need all of our voices in a collection of groundbreaking images to reshape the belief around how we see the sacred human body unphotoshopped and free from shame and overflowing with the glory and privilege of a long life well-lived.”

What do you think of these pictures of Gerry and Darwin, which not only capture the beauty of aging, but also capture ethnic diversity and acceptance of interracial couples today?

Old Naked Interracial Couple

To see more of this kind of beauty, visit DailyMail

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  1.   Vettecar88 says:
    Posted: 23 Jul 16

    Awesome, get over yourself and find honest, genuine love in an older man even for a little while. It's better then not been love at all at that season on your life.

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  2.   cocolab says:
    Posted: 21 Jul 16

    I love it. Love in the purest and rarest form

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  3.   meiyaluv says:
    Posted: 20 Jul 16

    The two of you found love, what a beautiful way of expressing it.

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  4.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 19 Jul 16


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  5.   LadyEWO says:
    Posted: 19 Jul 16

    I'm happy for them but you all are doing way too much.

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  6. Posted: 19 Jul 16

    Hi DeAnn: I'm going to assume you are still a young woman. Enjoy your youth and pretty body (young) body for now because someday ALL your body parts are not going to be as tight as they are now. And your looks will being to fade because that's just the way life goes in general. So enjoy it while you can. And I sincerely hope that as you grow older, you will eventually learn to grow and love your body, no matter what shape it is in.

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  7. Posted: 19 Jul 16

    To each it's own!!!! It's beautiful when a older couple can embrace their beauty together!!!

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  8.   sky3021 says:
    Posted: 19 Jul 16


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  9.   DeeAnn says:
    Posted: 17 Jul 16

    Ya' are wrong for that!

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