Cheddar's Customer's Amazing Response to a White Waitress' Racism

Posted by Sidney, 01 Aug 16

"I'm so hung over and have a section full of niggers right now," was the caption accompanying a sour-faced photo of Snapchat user haybrown90. She is a waitress at a Cheddar's chain restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The post went viral on twitter, causing her to get fired over her racist remarks.

The waitress was serving a group of 4 black women who were coming from church after a wonderful service. The racist post came as a shock to them because they had been very nice to the waitress, joking and laughing with her... in fact she was friends with one of the ladies. And since she was nice to them, the ladies tipped her generously.

Chelsea Mayes (pictured above), who was in the group received a screenshot of the racist post from a friend hours later."It was just shocking. It was hurtful," Mayes told the Daily New Journal.

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But even in the wake of such racism, Mayes' response to the waitress' post was priceless. She remained the bigger person. She wrote:

racism on black women_large

The president of the management group of Cheddar's in Murfreesboro, Lee Greer, had this to say about the incident:

"We, ourselves, were shocked and offended after learning one of our servers had posted comments on social media that were hurtful and derogatory. This type of behavior will never be tolerated in our restaurants. The server was immediately suspended and ultimately terminated after our internal investigation."

So what would make a person harbor so much hate for people who were nothing but nice to her. Are people this disgusted by Black folks? Its sad that such racist incidents keep happening... and sadly, they happen openly. Well, at least she suffered the consequences of her actions - though I am sure that wasn’t Mayes intention. She just wanted the world to know that the racism struggle is real.

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  1.   Q9779 says:
    Posted: 16 Aug 16

    People that are hurting inside, try to hurt other people on the outside. Beyond proud of you Chelsea. Adding fuel to that fire would only make you look like the bad person. God Bless your parents for raising such a caring human being...

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  2.   Sugahrush says:
    Posted: 05 Aug 16

    Chelsea! You are amazing. Praise the God in you who gives you the wisdom and strength to "Resist And Rise" above it!! Praying for that misinformed child. #Ya gotta Resist to Rise!

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