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Chicago Professor Writes Book Encouraging Black Women to Marry White Men

Posted by Christelyn, 18 Jul

I’ve gotten about a dozen messages about a new interracial dating book in circulation. Northwestern University professor, Cheryl Judice, author of Interracial Relationships with Black Women and White Men, is hoping her book will inspire black women to think differently about dating. An article published in the Chicago Tribune has everyone abuzz–what a scandal, right? I mean, in 2018 black women still need a push to date out.

To date, interracial dating books for black women are by far the most voluminous of any other group. As one of the authors on that list, I think it’s safe to say that we’re not in it for the money. By far, the relationship books urging black women to think like men and act like ladies while lowing their standards fly off the shelves much faster than asking black women to start thinking what has previously been unthinkable.

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While there has clearly been an uptick in interracial marriage (from 9% to 12% to make a 33% increase) the fears of tribal shame, the “fetish boogeyman,” faulty understanding of healthy, functional relationships work hard against black women feeling fully free to pursue romantic possibilities outside of the community. D.L. Hugley, black comedian who can barely stand the sight of black women dropped the link on his Facebook fan page and the typical responses from black women followed.

Below were some of the comments

Pickles L Johnson: "Naw aint no man like a Brother, keep that to yourself, I love me some chocolate even when it's a lil salty"

Jameelah Ihsan: "I know this narrative is a popular one especially in the media. However, let's be clear - over 80% of married black men are married to black women. For married black women, its 90%. Are we wringing our hands over a 10% differential? I have no issue with black men or women dating outside of their race as long as your reasoning is not about disparaging black people."

Toi Boiton: After being raped, beat, murdered, maimed and having our babies and family sold...can't do it! Besides E'rebody KNOWS...that chocolate just CANT BE BEAT! It's like giving your child formula over breastfeeding!

Why have an inferior product to a superior one! Nah, I'll hang!"

Kendall St. Charles and I addressed this issue today. You won’t want to miss this.

So why did Judice write this book? “They’re like, ‘Why are you putting that out there?’ Because I’m tired of people being so miserable, that’s why.”

Hmmm…I’ve gotten that question too. There is a contingent of black people who feel like this discussion should not even be had. But like me, I want black women to have a chance to marry, have children with a willing and present partner, and live lives of ease without constant struggle. White men aren’t the answer, but the choice is.

The power to CHOOSE is the answer. Stop allowing people to find ways to keep you from exercising your options and showing you ALL the choices available.

How many books will need to be published before black women take that leap?

Christelyn Karazin is the co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed. She also operates the popular blog, Beyond Black & White, and operate the first forum dedicated to black women interested and/or involved in interracial relationships.

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  1.   Bossy_808 says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 21

    The main valid reason to do so is that black men as a whole don’t get married. Last time I checked, only 23 of BM ever get married. EVER. Chances are if you’re waiting on a chocolate king to wed…you’ll be waiting forever.

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    • Ruth116 says:
      Posted: 23 Jun

      A BM entertainer who was once married to a popular female entertainer said that being married to only one woman and raising children with her is "Eurocentric" and "offensive" to him as a black man". A male, (not man) like him isn't worth anyone's time or attention. He's sending a harmful message to young black that it's preferable to have numerous children by different mothers than to be married to one for life. Then BM's like him have the absolute gall to pout whenever BW date or marry WM. Sometimes, we'll have to go outside our realms to find The One for us.

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  2.   Ch3rryme says:
    Posted: 16 Mar 19

    I have dated people from 3 different races and I am 50 my good friend and I dated for a very long time . However he didnt want to marry me . He cared for me like a husband cares for a wife with out the marriage . However I deserve more and want more . I want to marry I am attracted to men regardless of rAce I however have a deeper attraction to white men a lot to do with I was related to the black men in my area. From a small town. I do not give up hope in finding my king regardless of color but again dont care what others think about me dating outside my race . . Love has no color

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