Creator of the Star Wars Franchise George Lucas Donates $10 Million to Support Black & Latino USC Film School Students

Posted by Sidney, 28 Oct 15

It was just last week when we had a twitter racists uproar over Star Wars installment VII featuring a Black British Actor, John Boyega to play a storm trooper. Well, the ironic thing is that George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, is married to a Black woman Melanie Hobson. So one is left to wonder...

Well, as per recent news, the George Lucas Family Foundation has offered a 10 million dollars donation to support the recruitment of talented University of South Carolina School of Cinematic Arts students who come from races and ethnicities that aren't adequately represented in the entertainment industry. This is the hugest single donation in the school's history.

This donation will go into the establishment of The George Lucas Foundation Endowed Student Support Fund for Diversity. The foundation will extend financial support to Black and Latino students enrolled at the school; divided equally between male and female students who will be dubbed: George Lucas Scholars or Mellody Hobson Scholars respectively. The awarding of this financial support is meant to kick off in fall, 2016.

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"This gift will nurture the next generation of artists, supporting scholarships that enhance access in the cinematic arts, while bringing new and diverse voices and stories into our lives," said USC President C. L. Max Nikias. Lucas also made a statement in addition saying: "Hispanic and African-American storytellers are underrepresented in the entertainment industry. It is Mellody’s and my privilege to provide this assistance to qualified students who want to contribute their unique experience and talent to telling their stories."

For those who got pissed over Boyega, the creator of the Star Wars franchise is funding and is rooting for minority representation in the film industry. Well, thanks to Lucas and Melody for the donation and for recognizing Hispanic and African-American talent and the need to encourage its growth.

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  1. Posted: 28 Oct 15

    "That is so amazing". It's great to see others, give apart of themselves to people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. I can personally say, I look forward to seeing the new ideas, which will come from all of the young and inspired storytellers of tomorrow. Many thumbs up to you, Mr. Lucas and Mrs. Hobson.

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