Family pressure makes teen mom throw her mixed race baby from window?

Posted by Sidney, 16 Nov 15

A 19 year old mom has been charged with first degree murder for throwing her newborn baby out of an 8th floor window building in 850 West Eastwood Ave. in Chicago’s immediately after giving birth. The baby was found by a man who was visiting his girlfriend in the building. Initially he thought it was a doll but saw the umbilical cord was still attached.

The baby's mother Mubashra Uddin, who is a Muslim of Pakistan descent had been hiding her pregnancy from her parents because she knew they would not approve. Apparently, the baby's father is African American. On the fateful day, the teen delivered the baby in her bedroom and on hearing her mother coming, she threw the infant through the window.

The baby was rushed Weiss Memorial Hospital, which is a few blocks from the building but didn't make it - she died moments after arriving at the hospital from blunt-force trauma.

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Much as she had earlier denied it, Uddin, reportedly admitted to throwing her infant through the window after investigators interviewed her.

Sad how seeking approval of parents can push an individual. Too sad.

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  1.   penelope77 says:
    Posted: 14 Mar 16

    Imagine how much strenuous some women are going through to conceive others are busy throwing theirs away. What a world we are into hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  2.   Hope_1999 says:
    Posted: 18 Jan 16

    Poor little baby wasn't even given a chance at life. The mother is old enough to rationalise the consequences of her parents finding her with child, half black child at that. Can we plead diminished responsibilities? Hard to say without more facts. Assuming she was of rationale mind, she really ought to have taken the correct precautions not to let the pregnancy happen. She now has to suffer the consequences of her despicable action......

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  3.   CrispyChips says:
    Posted: 29 Nov 15

    RIP sweet baby girl.

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  4. Posted: 28 Nov 15

    This woman is crazy. She knew how her family felt about Black people and she has a baby with a BM and then throws it out of a window. How sick is this. I don't feel sorry for her

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  5. Posted: 18 Nov 15

    It's a d#%n shame that this happened. My heart goes out to the infant that lost her life on that day. She will be among those who will love her forever and never feel the hurt that was given to her ever again.....

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