Father renounces daughter in a heartbreaking letter for dating a black man

Posted by Sidney, 22 Feb 16

It was a depressing tweet - A 19-year-old white woman’s post of a photo of a racist letter from her father, renouncing her for dating a black man; threatening to leave her homeless if she doesn't dump her boyfriend. Her tweet read: "sad that it's 2016 and skin colour still matters"

Stephanie Hicks from Keller, Texas has been dating this guy for a some weeks now.

Much as fathers being against their daughters' or sons' isn't something new, this level of racial hate takes it to another level... calling interracial relationships 'despicable', 'vulgar' and 'reprehensible'. And that's just what we can read. I dont even want to imagine the contents under the red marker...

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This one I cannot paraphrase… Read for yourself:


This isn't easy, but you haven't made it easy.

Over the last several years, you've turned on everything that we tried to instill from childhood. You're nowhere near the daughter I thought you would be at this point, and I'm deeply broken-hearted.

You treat both of us with contempt. You've been using us for money, while disrespecting us in every way. You dress like a street walker, and you sulk when we take you to church. You have no respect for morals, and have abandoned any sense of righteousness.

Yes, we had this discussion - sort of - a while back. At that time, I hoped I would eventually take the high road and come to accept an interracial relationship. The truth is that I'm human, and I make choices of my own. While it may not be anti-biblical, I know I will never accept it, and I'll never forgive you. My belief is that interracial relationships are despicable. Vulgar and reprehensible. There's nothing worse than a half-black, and I'm crushed that my own daughter has entered into such a disgusting relationship.

Mistakes can be forgiven, but you have willingly and consciously chosen a lifestyle of sickening choices, and I won't tolerate it. You have one final opportunity. Either end your relationship with 'Nike', or face the consequences. There are 3 suitcases emptied and waiting. If you choose this black kid over your parents, then fill them up and leave my house. Take my information out of your phone, and DO NOT attempt to contact me again, the rest of your life. Change your name as soon as possible, because I won't have any association with you. Ever.

Dad. "

Later on twitter, Stephanie's boyfriend wrote: "My girl's dad wrote that letter and once I read it I felt as though the mature thing to do was to end the relationship, I'm not about to see my girl homeless. However Stephanie didn't welcome the break-up. They decided to tell their parents they had broken up only for her twitter post to go viral. Now the family knows they are still together.

Whether the father lived up to the threat isn't known.

Doesn’t this sadden you? This father should watch Dave Harris' poem, 'Black Boyfriend'. And if you ask me, that aint enough for a person with such hatred even against their own child.

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  1.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 21 Mar 16

    All I can say is sometimes parents can be wrong, especially when they've grown up in a different era where interracial wasn't accepted. I'm surprised that someone who's a member of an interracial dating site would agree with the father on this one. Someone here tried to imply that white women only date black men who aren't respectable. There is no evidence that this is the case here and I'm sure her father would've mentioned that as the reason instead of his race. He probably would've hid behind the old, "I'm not racist but..." line they often quote in times like these. I'm sure the people trying to agree with him here wouldn't like it if their own fathers reacted the same way to their IR relationship. Sometimes the bird has to leave its nest and fly on its own.

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  2.   ikeloveboy says:
    Posted: 03 Mar 16

    Just need a reall woman that wel love me

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  3.   IN_CANADA1 says:
    Posted: 28 Feb 16

    If anything, she should disown HIM as her father. This is disgusting, heartless, despicable and a hatred so deep within his self. The only person that can help this father is himself and unless he seeks that, he'll forever be ignorant and hateful. I hope she moves on with her life with her man and distances herself from this toxic BS.

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  4. Posted: 28 Feb 16

    Let him watch!

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  5. Posted: 27 Feb 16

    The way this man callously tosses aside the affection of his daughter for the sake of his primitive "convictions" is reminiscent of the horror stories that take place from time to time in the Middle East. I'm not sad though. At 19 she should be trying to leave the house anyway, and now is a great time to get as far away as possible from her biological father (I wonder how the mother feels? Probably has been conditioned not to speak). She can change her name when she gets married.

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  6.   EllaRoxanna says:
    Posted: 26 Feb 16

    I don't blame some White parents for not wanting their daughters to go out with Black men because many White women date Black men who are not respectable. Look at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. Kanye and Hank are men are not the type of men that even Black parents would want their daughters to go out with.

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    • Alicia63 says:
      Posted: 29 Feb 16

      What crap is that? You are very harsh on your own race. Stop thinking like a slave and realize that there are good and bad ppl from every race....Sigh!

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      • EllaRoxanna says:
        Posted: 01 Mar 16

        What I am saying is the truth, and the problem with you and some other people is that they can't admit it. It's a personal observation that I made about White women. They tend to go out with Black trash. However, there are many respectable Black men who go out with White Trash

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        • MzMecka1969 says:
          Posted: 05 Mar 16

          I have to disagree! My Uncle's have dated white women and they are not black trash. Please stop stereotyping...there is bad trash in all races. I tend to look at the person. I have more fun hanging out with white women then black women but my best friends are 2 black women! I love everyone and being black and beautiful!

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    • blackbelle01 says:
      Posted: 20 Mar 16

      EllaRoxanna, You have got to be kidding. Kim and Kendra are the trashy ones and you are demeaning Kanye and Hank. I feel that both are getting the best of what they deserve. Birds of a feather flock together.

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  7.   MTGIAmHim says:
    Posted: 25 Feb 16

    Kind of funny. Not sure if this is true but is Nike the new derogatory term for Black Men? LoL.

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    • MzMecka1969 says:
      Posted: 05 Mar 16

      I was wondering the same thing!! Lol! Or is it because all the black kids including my own son are Jordan addicts!

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