Haters Have a Field Day Attacking Old Navy for Featuring an Interracial Family in Advert

Posted by Sidney, 02 May 16

Old Navy clothing company did an advert like the controversial Cheerios ad - they featured an interracial family. They posted the picture of this beautiful interracial family on their Twitter page and the reaction was similar. "Disgusting" "Boycott" "White Genocide" were just but the few words used to describe the ad by haters and critics.

The replies to the ad were racist, crazy and ignorant to say the least. To quote a few such tweets:

" Your clothes are crap quality and now you're promoting miscegenation. Disgusting!"

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"My family and I will never step into an @OldNavy store again. This miscegenation junk is rammed down our throats from every direction."

"@OldNavy Absolutely disgusting. What's next? Gender neutral bathrooms? Pedophilia acceptance propaganda?! Never shopping here again."

"@OldNavy Old Navy HATES White babies! It takes a White mother and a White father to make a White baby. Stop #WhiteGenocide"

For one not to see how beautiful diversity is and the progress it represents, something must be really wrong. Such people are failing the future of America.

Good thing is, there is still some of us who understand, accept and love the melting pot that America is; the melting pot that most racists seem so in denial about. How do you curse and hate on interracial families on a mere ad when in reality, that is what America is now? Here are the intelligent tweets Old Navy got for the advert:


"Hey @OldNavy, my family and I thank you for the diversity in this ad! #LoveWins, no matter the color ❤️"

Now here is the tweet that took it away! Perfect bombshell for the racist haters:

"@OldNavy hey old navy i like white women can we get an ad with a black man and a white woman to really piss these people off?"


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  1.   jorancho says:
    Posted: 09 Jun 16

    Racism, ignorance go hand & hand , seen commercial thumbs up to Old Navy ! I have always dated Black women & that will never change. For those racists who commented on Old Navy you can all kiss my behind !

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 04 May 16

    I remember when they got a commercial taken off the air in recent years for featuring a romantic black man/white woman interracial couple. The hate is still out there. But like I've said before on another post: They can't stop what can't be stopped.

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