How a Boy With Down Syndrome Became a Businessman

Posted by Sidney, 26 Apr

Most of us like to refer to people with Down syndrome as people with special needs. But lately, they are defying all odds. And John Truel is one such person. Just at 12 years old, the boy is rocking in the cupcake business.

So how did it all begin?

John's mother, Patricia Truel, started the business as a side project. She wanted to stay home in order to take care of John. "In 2009, I decided that I needed something more than just being a mom,” she told ABC News. And baking is what she chose. She enjoys it and she can do it from home.

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When John comes home from school, he says hi to his customers, takes their orders and helps the mom with the dishes at their cupcake shop, Cupcakes on 8th, in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Initially, mom would deliver home-baked cupcakes to neighboring customers. Lucky for her, the business was an instant hit. She had orders of 48 dozen cupcakes by the fourth week! Amazing, huh! Well, she chose to continue with her project.

“[I thought it] was really fun and it’s something I can teach John to do in the future,” Patricia said.

Going by the look of things, the future is now! John has assumed enough responsibilities as is. The boy even runs the register and keeps his well-earned tips.

The perks of running such a business are the unlimited supply of sweets. And John's favorite is the "Peanut butter and cinnamon cupcakes".

The mother-son duo opened Cupcakes on 8th March 11. The store sits in a 336-square foot piece of land that Patricia bought. She was going for a size that the son could manage in future.

That said, Patricia hopes that the shop will much bigger as John ages. She hopes one day, he will run it all by himself. She also hopes to employ more people with special needs.

Patricia loves to give back yo the community. And, given the support she and her son have received from the community, she is planning to throw a community birthday party when John turns 13. Free cake!

"I really believe if they support you, you should support them," she said.

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