Kanye West Gets Blacks Fuming Over Multiracial Casting Call

Posted by Sidney, 05 Sep 16

Kanye West's twitter wall has been bombarded with tweets of criticism when the well renowned rapper turned designer uploaded a casting call on that he was looking for models for his the fourth Yeezy season fashion show, set to kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 7. The furry came about because the rapper specifically asked for "multiracial women only". This has the black twitter ballistic.

Besides asking for multiracial models, Kanye also specified that the models come wearing no make-up ("please come as you are").

Immediately the tweet went live with the label "multiracial", people criticized it because "multiracial" is quite ambiguous. Some people took multiracial to mean light-skinned thereby excluding all dark skinned women while others argued that it means all people of color regardless of shade. Below is some of the outage expressed:

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“50 million of U.S. whites have a black ancestor. Some also have Native American ancestry. We’re all ‘mixed.'”

“Now imagine if a white singer said ‘WHITE WOMEN ONLY?'”

“So like….how is he determining this? Is there a board to verify they multiracial?”

“Did this post say multi-racial? Aren’t we all multi-racial considering our blood line isn’t pure tf / does it matter if he meant mixed or not? We are all transcendent from slave masters. We are mixed.”

"Hmm @ multiracial women only. Does that include the dark skinned multiracial women or just the light skinned ones?"

"We all know some ppl (specifically MEN) associate multiracial women with being light skinned & "exotic" looking."

"A person with a multiracial family wants to present multiracial beauty & yall up in arms. But he's the problem? Lol seek help"

Thing is, Kanye hasn't responded to this frenzy yet and I don't think most people expect him to. There are no details as to what he expects the "multiracial" models to look like.

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  1.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 10 Sep 16

    I took it to mean people of color. Most of us are multi-racial so to me, that meant mostly women of any ancestors with two three or more racial mixes, which most people have; especially African American women. It was not offensive to me but, I did feel like he meant to exclude caucasians.

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  2. Posted: 05 Sep 16

    Blackbelle01, you took the words out my mouth. Kanye is just trying to publicity for those ugly clothes he designs. If he wants to be a clothing designer, he should take some of his money and go to a good college or university specifying in his trade.

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  3. Posted: 05 Sep 16

    Kanye West is just trying to get free publicity for his clothing line. You know the old saying in Hollywood even bad press is good press because at least somebody is talking about you.

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