Lil Wayne Clarifies What His No Racism Remark Meant

Posted by Sidney, 17 Oct 16

Rapper Lil Wayne has been criticized for saying that the racial composition of his crowd at one of his shows was "clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism." He said this making reference to a show he did in suburban New York. The audience was mainly white. He also added that this generation knows racism isn't cool.

Much as people criticized him for his remarks, Lil Wayne understands. However the rapper claims that the critics also didn't understand his point of view.

Lil Wayne made the remarks on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed”. He recently explained to The Associated Press why he felt racism is over.

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Apparently, when he was 12, a white police officer saved his life after accidentally shooting himself in the chest saying: “Yeah, he was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man. I don’t know what racism is. I know a good (expletive) named Uncle Bob, though.”

During the incident, when other police officers saw him lying on the floor, they broke the door down, stepped on his bleeding body and started ransacking for guns and drugs. Luckily, the policeman he refers to as 'Uncle Bob' stopped and rebuked them for leaving Lil Wayne.

“He was white as snow. Them (expletive) that hopped over me were blacker than me” Carter said. 'Uncle Bob' was the one who personally took him to the hospital and even stayed with him. He "... stood there and waited until the doctor said 'He’s gonna make it'"

Much as he acknowledges that there is racism, when he is on stage, he says all he sees is all colors. At his shows, his audience “has always been everybody.”

He adds: "I’m blessed to have that opportunity, so with that said I can only be honest with such a thing, I have never witnessed racism."

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