Official 'A United Kingdom' Interracial Movie Out

Posted by Sidney, 27 Aug 16

The official trailer of the interracial movie 'A United Kingdom' is out. The movie is about a real life interracial couple Sir Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams that got married in 1948. Their marriage caused an international stir.

The movie stars British Actor David oyelowo and Rosamund Pike as the interracial couple.

Their interracial love was extraordinary. Their story of how they stuck it out despite obstacles and outage is amazing. Their romance stirred a huge diplomatic crisis between Britain and Botswana’s neighbor South Africa . Now their romance will be shown on the big screen in UK cinemas on the 25th November.

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The couple met because of their passion for jazz. At the time Seretse was in Oxford university studying law after his father’s death. His father was a chief. Ruth, the daughter of a former Indian Army captain, was a clerk with a Lloyd’s underwriter. They met at a London Missionary Society dance in 1947 where Seretse asked Ruth to dance.

Seretse never got consent from his uncle Tshekedi Khama - he knew he won’t get it because he was the chief in waiting of the Bamangwato tribe and was expected to go back home and marry a woman from his tribe. On the other hand, Ruth’s father didn’t want her to marry a black man. They went ahead and got married anyway. At the time, Seretse was 27 and Ruth, 24.

Their romance was met with resistance from the onset. The British government ganged up with Seretse's uncle, demanding that he leaves his white wife, or leave his homeland. The two were also exiled for their forbidden love. Watch the trailer for more...

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