Racist Trolls Outrage Over State Farm Ad for Featuring Interracial Couple

Posted by Sidney, 29 Dec 16

When State Farm took to twitter to promote their ad campaign is dubbed #ProtectTheBling, they probably didn't expect the racism that would arise from featuring the above interracial couple. All they were advertising was an insurance cover for personal valuables.

The picture was captioned:

“Who said yes? Cheers to the newly engaged this holiday season! Be sure to #ProtectTheBling.”

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

Well, just like all other previous ads featuring interracial couples or mixed race families, racist trolls didn't spare State Farm either. They flooded Twitter expressing their outrage at the insurance company for innocently using a Black man and White woman on their campaign.

Much as most of the racists threatened to boycott the company's products, others expressed sentiments of praise and gratitude for the company's choice to promote diversity.

Look how these racists shamelessly revealed themselves in response to the ad campaign:

Is this insinuating ONLY Black men are violent against their spouses?

Then this one making black men seem like they don't handle their own sh*t:

But much as some of us have chosen to clog our minds with hate and racism, it was great to come across positive tweets.

This is the perfect depiction of what goes on in the heads of racists when they see interracial couples and mixed families...

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