Rob Kardashian and Chyna Engaged

Posted by Sidney, 06 Apr 16

Generous gift giver Rob Kardashian has put a ring on model Blac Chyna after just 3 months of dating. "YES!...!...!" was the caption on the first engagement photo she shared. Rob also shared a photo of Chyna in her flashy engagement ring while holding a stack of dollar bills.

In a video where they shared their engagement with their fans, the couple was all grins. They celebrated their engagement at the L.A. gentlemen's club Ace of Diamonds which Chyna had hired to host a party before Rob proposed. Sources say the couple is so happy and that "Chyna's been texting her friends how excited she is!" The source also added: "They were serious from the time they started dating. He knew he wanted to marry her."

Chyna was previously engaged to Tyga who is now dating Rob's sister Kylie Jenner. Tyga and Chyna share a child together. Here is what Tyga had to say about their complicated family tree and the engagement:

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“Everybody deserves 2 be happy. What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it's not interfering wit my happiness. It makes me happy to see the mother of my son happy. My only concern in this situation is my son. I want him in happy environments. He's innocent in this. & I want him to feel as much love as possible.”

Rob asked Chyna's family for their blessings before the proposal. The mom, Tokyo Toni, wrote on Instagram Tuesday: "Chy and Rob are my favorite two people in the world. They both have shown strength diversity and triumph. These kids are fabulous and both are great role models to young old or children. I have so much respect for this couple and all attached."

Check out the bling...

rob chyna ring

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