Video: Hairdresser Harasses Interracial Couple

Posted by Sidney, 31 Aug 16

The video you are about to watch is a video of a hairdresser (black) bashing a black woman for being with a white man.

When the woman goes in to have her hair done, she starts to talk about her new man. Hairdresser asks: "Is he tall, dark and handsome?". Then walks a tall white handsome man and kisses his lady. The hairdresser flips out in a huge sneer: "Wait... You with a white guy?"

This video part of ABC's segment dubbed What Would You Do.

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The thing is: interracial couples get harassed everywhere… all the time… for no reason other than racial mixing. There are so many individuals who are intolerant to interracial couples: Some spit, hurl racial slurs and insults and recently a white supremacist stabbed an interracial for kissing.

If you ever were to witness any of the above occurrences, what would you do? Voice your opinion, defend the victim or ignore and walk away? Watch and lets here it!

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