Viola Davis Doesn't Think the 'Oscars So White' Reign is Over

Posted by Sidney, 14 Feb

We are absolutely loving Viola Davis this awards season!

But the actress, who has picked up award after award for her sensational role in Fences, is still pretty sceptical about the future of African American actors, and believes that the 'Oscars so white' issue might not be over…

"I believe what still is a deficiency is that we have one year a plethora of African American movies and then the next year nothing,” she told a member of the press in the winner’s room after the ceremony.

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She also spoke of the potential nominees for next year’s awards ceremonies, and noted that "very few African American names are in there."

In her acceptance speech, Viola Davis referenced Fences playwright August Wilson, and said that he proved that our lives mattered as African Americans.

“The horse groomer, the janitor, the people who grew up under the heavy boot of Jim Crow. The people who did not make it into the history book but they have a story, and those stories deserve to be told because they lived."

We always feel inspired after listening to Viola Davis speak. We know we aren’t the only ones…

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  1. Posted: 16 Feb

    Lets get every single to Oscar to a Black actor for being Black. Maybe they will stop moaning or accept that it should be the best person that gets it and not make it about race. I don't see allot of white faces in Nollywood films and I don't cry racist over every little thing. This is race baiting

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