Viral Video: Black Woman Beats Up Racist White Man on Train

Posted by Sidney, 10 Aug 16

When this white man allegedly hurled racist remarks at this black woman on a in Long Beach, California, I bet he didn't expect his racist slurs to lead to a thorough beating; not by other commuters, but by the very own woman he hurled the slurs at. Recorded on the train they were in, the video which has gone viral on the internet, shows this black woman violently kicking the white man in the face and stomping on his back repeatedly.

According to some of the witnesses, the white man seemed to be intoxicated and was hurling his racist slurs to several people until he did it to the woman in the video then the beating began. The man just lay there as he got the sh** kicked out of him. “Don’t kill him!”, is all you can here in the background. However, none of the other commuters intervene. Much as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Transit Bureau are investigating the incident, it so happens that no police report has been filed yet.

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I get that people are fed up by racists just thinking they can hurl whatever racial slur that pops into their mind. I am sure people are fed up by all the racially sparked hate crimes that have been happening. But do you honestly think the man deserved to be beaten to that extent or did the lady just push it a little too far? Do racists really deserve whatever comes their way?

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  1.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 12 Aug 16

    LOL, he'll never live that one down!

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  2. Posted: 11 Aug 16

    I'm in my early 60s, so I remember growing up being told to always "turn the other cheek", or to ignore, or just stay seated, or keep walking whenever confronted by a racist person or people. So I have seen, as well as experienced being disliked because of the color of my skin, nothing more. And while I feel the woman on the train did take things a little too far, at the same time, I fully understand her anger. Black people are tired of feeling like they must tolerate racists thinking they can say or do whatever they want. The racist may have been drunk. A drunk man speaks with a sober man's tongue. As far as I'm concerned, the bastard got what he deserved. I am sure the last thing he expected that day was that a woman would kick his sorry ass.

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