Whomever you choose to date is your personal business - Derek Luke

Posted by Sidney, 28 Jul 15

Black actors and actresses dating interracially has always churned many people's stomachs. If you have read comments that follow online when news break about one of them either dating or marrying interracially, you will understand what I am taking about. So Empire TV series actor Derek Luke is just but one of the many examples of black actors being slain on social media for marrying outside their race. Tamera Mowry has had it pretty rough - to the extent of being called a "white man's whore".

Fact: Luke is married to a latino woman, Sophia Adella

Fact: Luke and Sophia have been married for 17 years

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17 years!!! Now that is one celebrity interracial success story don't you think? So why is his marriage still an issue? Well, the social media critics had this one coming... Here is how Luke slammed them critics on Instagram:

Derek and Sophia interracial celebrity couple


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  1.   Robby2u says:
    Posted: 01 Oct 15

    It is sad that we are still living in the early 18 and 1900s with that mentality in tact. I have seen good black women treated badly by black men and good black men treated badly by black women and this is well stated in other ethnic groups as well. Maybe this is one of the reasons for the crossing over when it comes to look for that special someone. Do "yall" get it some people are tired of the drama in these relationships. Look at the reality TV shows now and you will see it plain and clearly that a lot of it is like men going to a seafood buffet served with mermaids of all nationalities. Look at how the ladies are acting now and you tell me, you women out there would you get seriously involved with someone you have to fight with everyday. This statement goes for the men too as well too. Why do you women bother to date men you know to be unfaithful? I said all of that to say this. Why are any of us bugging out (over the fact that someone black or white, male or female, and overseas or in America) when we see, read, or hear that a high profile or low profile person in an relationship with someone he or she believes that will make them happy.

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 21 Sep 15

    I'm very happy for them. Most people like to say that women of other races don't want black men until they become rich and famous. They also like to say IR relationships involving bm don't last long. And that bm only date the "ugly" women of other races. But if she has been with him for 17 years, that blows all those hateful stereotypes out of the water! She's beautiful, she was with him before he became a "celebrity" and they've been today way longer than most Hollywood couples of any race or combination. I'm happy for them and wish them the very best. They look awesome together.

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  3.   Jamalj1013 says:
    Posted: 02 Sep 15

    She's gorgeous

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  4.   Valor007 says:
    Posted: 29 Aug 15

    17 years, wow!!!!!! Congratulations to you Derek and Sophia!!!! God bless the both of you with many more wonderful and loving years together!!!!!

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  5.   ReinCreole says:
    Posted: 02 Aug 15

    In thus day and age if cutthroat business tactics, emotional betrayed, war, child prostitution, and family abandonment....people should be glad if someone can find happiness somewhere in their lives. Jealousy over another's love is sick and selfish.

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  6.   Sunryze says:
    Posted: 01 Aug 15

    Nice looking couple. 17 years for ANY marriage within the showbiz industry is a great achievement, the traps and snares are everywhere. They are obviously close and with an iron bond of trust, and they probably spend a lot of time together when not working.

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  7.   2Ambitious says:
    Posted: 30 Jul 15

    It is amazing to see such a beautiful radiant couple that has celebrated 17 years of MARRIAGE. May their love endure a lifetime! We should be concerned only with how we all contribute to edifying the Human Race. Better it is to focus on character instead of merely external characteristics! Real love sees beyond societal norms, mores and boundaries.

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