Will Kanye West be showing Yeezy Season 5 at NYFW?

Posted by Sidney, 05 Jan

It’s no secret that Kanye West takes his career as a fashion designer very seriously. But since Kanye was hospitalized at the end of last year for exhaustion, among other things, he may be forgiven for wanting to take a little break.

This is the furthest thing from the case though, as not only have sources claimed that he is working hard on the Season 5 collection of his Yeezy fashion line, they’ve also let slip that a brand new apparel line is on the way too.

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"He has been working on his Yeezy Season 5 line, but also is launching another apparel line," a source reportedly spilled to Page Six.

This information might make you worry for Kanye’s health, but the source added that he is actually making a conscious effort to slow things down and cut back on his working hours...

“He said he was trying to put less stuff on his schedule and be a little bit more restful. He’s scheduling less meetings and he said he was feeling much better.”

Well, that’s a start! We hope he is taking good care of himself – we don’t know if he and his family could handle another breakdown!

Keep your eyes peeled for news of this new apparel line...

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