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Fyiona & Douglas -
New Jersey, United States

Black Singles Dating - An Evening Stroll
 | - fyiona & Douglas Black Singles Dating - An Evening Stroll
 | - fyiona & Douglas Black Singles Dating - An Evening Stroll
 | - fyiona & Douglas

An Evening Stroll

This was Fyiona’s first experience with online dating. She says she was “too busy” to hold out much hope for meeting her match through traditional means, so Internet personals seemed like the way to go. She signed up with us under the username “Fyiona23” and two months later, a Flirt came in from “SemperFi1.”

That was Douglas’ member name. She thought his profile was “very different from all the rest” of the guys she'd dated, and their early communication confirmed her positive impression of him. In these dialogues “he was very nice and honest,” so she quickly felt comfortable meeting for a date.

When their eyes met for the first time, Fyiona felt a surge of affection for Douglas. “Oh, when I first met him, I hugged and kissed him,” she laughs. “I had never felt so good about anyone!”

The circumstances of their first meeting were a bit unusual, actually. “We met at my house, where I was having a party,” Fyiona recounts. “I had invited all my friends and family.” Douglas got along well with everyone he met. “He’s a very gentle man,” Fyiona reports. “He spent the whole week. We went for long walks in the evenings, hand in hand!”

There was a good bit of distance between their places of residence, but this challenge hasn’t stopped them from seeing each other. “Apart from that, we are very happy together,” Fyiona says. “When he went back to New York, he called me and told me he wanted to take the next step.”

We asked if there was anything she appreciates about her partner that his profile wouldn’t lead one to expect. “He is very loving, and kind,” Fyiona replies. This relationship has changed her life, she tells us.

Douglas finally weighs in with some advice for singles on the site. “Give it a try,” he says. “It’s hard at times, but don’t give up. Just be patient. It’s worth it!”

Today, Douglas and Fyiona are enjoying all the benefits that patience can bring.

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