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Bartly & Peace

Married December 2020

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Two Great Dates in One Day

Bartly will never forget the night he proposed to Peace, who is now his wife. “We went back to the place we had dinner on the first day we met,” he remembers. “After dinner we went outside for what she thought was going to be a stroll around Sundance Square, in downtown Fort Worth. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said YES!”

Let’s rewind, shall we? Before they connected on our site Peace and Bartly were unlucky in love, even with the aid of online dating. “No, this was not my first experience [on a dating site],” Peace confirms. “It worked for my lifestyle. I was not confident, though. I was actually giving it one last try before taking a break from dating.”

“Not my first site or online dating experience,” Bartly informs us. “I didn’t want to meet people in a bar. But as time went on, I got a lot less confident about finding real love.”

Then Cupid’s arrow was launched, in the form of a fateful Flirt... “Peace sent the first Flirt and I took it from there,” recalls Bartly. This was a few months into his membership with us and she had been a member for about two months at that point. Peace says “his smile, and that he was physically active” were the criteria that inspired her to contact him.

Asked if Bartly was her type, the response from Peace is, “Well, that’s a loaded question!” Bartly’s answer is, “I really didn’t think I had a type.” Regardless, the connection was there.

What’s funny is that Bartly didn’t immediately take Peace’s Flirt seriously. “I actually thought she was a fake profile at first,” he laughs. But once he confirmed that she was not only an actual person, but an interesting one at that, his curiosity increased. “The more I learned about her over messaging and phone calls, the more intrigued I became,” Bartly explains.

In fact, it was “his persistent messaging” that convinced Peace they should meet “for real.” Seeing Bartly for the first time that day, she was impressed. “Genuine smile, and attentive” were her initial thoughts, she tell us. Bartly remembers thinking, “OMG! She is drop-down gorgeous! I hope this works out.”

There was a fly in the ointment, however: Peace’s parental responsibilities. “Running late, I had to go pick up my child, and he was patient waiting for me to return,” she notes. Doesn’t seem like Bartly thought it was a big deal. “She left, and asked me to wait,” he says. “She said she would be right back. I waited, and she came back!”

Despite the interruption, both singles were so pleased with how the date went that they immediately made plans to meet again… A few hours later! “We made the second date for later that evening,” says Bartly. “We continued the same night,” confirms Peace.

So their date became a two-parter. Over the course of it, Bartly learned much more about Peace in person than her profile had even hinted at. “There was much more than met the eye,” he declares. “The profile couldn’t show [it all].” Peace felt the same way about Bartly’s profile, suggesting that “his genuine personality” wasn’t given its due online. But meeting him has transformed her life for the better. “I gained my forever ‘plus one’,” Peace enthuses. Bartly is thrilled with what his new relationship has wrought. “I have a whole family now, with the love of my life,” he says.

Peace wants the users of our site to keep plugging away, as she did even when her hope had faded from a flame to an ember. “Don’t be discouraged, have an open mind,” she urges readers. “And take the time to message before meeting.”

“She’s out there,” Bartly promises the men in the audience. “There’s someone for everyone! Just keep trying.”

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