Interracial Marriage

Kristan & Chris -
Texas, United States

Married August 2015

Interracial Marriage - It Came on a Horse and Carriage | - Kristan & Chris Interracial Marriage - It Came on a Horse and Carriage | - Kristan & Chris Interracial Marriage - It Came on a Horse and Carriage | - Kristan & Chris Interracial Marriage - It Came on a Horse and Carriage | - Kristan & Chris Interracial Marriage - It Came on a Horse and Carriage | - Kristan & Chris

It Came on a Horse and Carriage

“I really wanted to find my soul mate,” Kristan says of her decision to post a profile on our site. Chris was similarly motivated. “I have tried other site before, looking for an amazing, sweet girl,” he informs us. “I wasn’t sure if this site would bring me any luck.”

Kristan says she’d tried other sites and didn’t think they delivered on her dating objectives. “I thought this site would better meet my needs,” she explains.

And it did, because about 48 hours after signing up, she found a promising profile. “I reached out to Chris via message,” she says. “He really seemed genuine and honest about wanting to find his mate.” For Chris, there wasn’t much doubt that he would reply to her email. “She was beautiful!” he exclaims.

Once a dialogue began, the duo didn’t fall silent for long. “We spoke on the phone for two months,” recounts Kristan. “I lived in Florida, him in Texas, but we were already dating over the phone!”

Of course, you can only do that for so long before you need to meet up in the flesh. “I knew she was the one,” Chris declares. He was ready to schedule a real date. Kristan happily acquiesced and, before long, the big moment was here. “He was cute and sweaty,” she laughs, remembering the first seconds they shared in the same room. Chris also has a clear memory of his initial thoughts. “She was so gorgeous, and tiny,” he says.

As the date unfolded, these singles began to feel more like a couple in the making. “I was so comfortable with him,” marvels Kristan. “I felt like we had been dating forever.” Adds Chris, “She was just as she was over the phone.”

There was little doubt that they’d meet again. “I believe that we both knew we wanted to be together forever,” says Kristan. Her man nods. “I never went back to Texas, not for two months, and just stayed with her in Florida.”

Nowadays the relationship just keeps humming along. There are many things Kristan appreciates about Chris. “He is the most calm and soothing person,” she notes. Chris is impressed by her nurturing nature. “She is a good mother,” he says.

One final update for you: these two tied the knot! The proposal came “on a horse and carriage, in downtown Chicago.” Kristan cherishes her new life. “I’m a mother of two boys and a wife to my soulmate,” she says, counting her blessings. Chris acknowledges that his life has changed in “so many ways. Everything has changed for the better. I have grown into a better person... I love my life now!”

For everyone with the as-yet unreached goal of a lasting romantic partnership, Kristan offers these suggestions. “You have to be very honest and tell the person up front what you want,” she says. “Don’t change yourself for anyone and if you do, it won’t work. Be free, and you will find love.”

Chris doesn’t want to leave all the advice-giving to his wife and chimes in with this: “The right person is out there,” he urges our members. “Sometime they come to you, and other times you find them. Either way, there are obstacles you must overcome. Meeting online, you have to be able to trust the person right from the start and if you don’t, it won’t work.”

Kristan and Chris established that trust, and now they’ve established a new life together.

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