Interracial Marriages

Racquel & James -
Connecticut, United States

Married April 2016

Interracial Marriages - Keeping It Real Led to Real Love | - Racquel & James Interracial Marriages - Keeping It Real Led to Real Love | - Racquel & James Interracial Marriages - Keeping It Real Led to Real Love | - Racquel & James

Keeping It Real Led to Real Love

When James noticed a user with the handle “SweetSmart32,” he took a look at her profile and was struck by their similarities. “Her profile was very upfront and honest and exactly what I wanted in a partner,” he says.

The reason James joined our site was because he didn’t think he’d meet someone like that in a bar or supermarket. “I always found black women beautiful and wanted an interracial relationship,” he says. Still, he had some trepidation about online dating, saying he found it “somewhat sketchy” but “had faith” that our site could be the one to match him up with someone special.

The gal behind username SweetSmart32 was Racquel. “I always wanted to date interracially,” she says. She thought Internet dating was the answer. “I was confident but unsure because I was worried there would be a lack of honest profiles,” she admits.

Despite their concerns, the duo stuck with it on our site. After a year or so, James noticed Racquel and sent a fateful Flirt. “I replied with an email,” Racquel says. “It was the perfect profile, except for one thing he had listed.”

That one thing must not have mattered much, because they began communicating and positive first impressions quickly solidified. “We talked about everything and had so much in common,” marvels James. Racquel agrees. “Our connection was very strong.”

The decision to go out on a date was an easy one. “He picked me up to go to the movies,” remembers Racquel. What really surprised her was what he brought to her front door. “He had roses!” She tells us her first thought at seeing him was, “This guy is so sweet and he looks just like his picture, but even better in person.”

James’ initial thought was, “WOW! She is beautiful and has a lovely smile.” The rest of the date went very well, from his perspective. “When we got out of the car at the movies, we started dancing in the parking lot!”

There was no doubt they’d go out again. “He was everything I was looking for in a person,” says Racquel. His genuine nature and generosity were the qualities that most impressed her. James saw the same traits in Racquel and adds that her “loving, accepting heart” was something her dating profile couldn’t capture.

They say there were no significant obstacles in their path and their relationship progressed without setbacks. When did Racquel realize this could become a lifelong partnership? “When I was away from him, I realized just how much I truly missed him,” she says. James was on the same wavelength and proposed in her church parking lot. Overjoyed, Racquel couldn’t say “yes!” emphatically enough.

Love has changed her life “magnificently,” says the now-married woman. “I smile every day and think of how blessed I am to have found my one true love,” reflects Racquel.

James reports that the happy couple is doing “amazingly well” and adds, “I smile all the time and feel the love every day.”

Here are Racquel’s words of advice to those who haven’t found their life-partner yet. “Be honest and don’t settle for anything less than you feel you are worth,” she says.

James believes that transparency is vital; it certainly helped him with Racquel, who valued his straightforward approach. “Write a very honest profile,” he advises. “Don’t hide what you look for in a partner.”

Happily, these two are done looking!

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