Have you ever encountered microagression in your interracial dating journey?

Posted by Sidney, 04 Sep

"Are your pubes an Afro too?"

"You are quite pretty for an Indian chick."

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"How come you are so well spoken?"

Some of these things seem strange and ridiculously intrusive but apparently most minorities do encounter such remarks. And the proper collective term for them is Racial Microagressions.

Sometimes these remarks seem to be inoffensive... sometimes humorous even. But according to this article on Jezebel, that's how they work; "...by sounding fairly innocuous but carrying a strong racial message."

To show this, a photographer named Kiyun asked her friends at Fordham University to write down such remarks of microagression they have faced and photographed them. The pictures speak for themselves.

This got me thinking... Sometimes you may meet someone from a different race who really likes you; but for some reason, they make such remarks out of ignorance, curiosity or their attempt at humor. Has a potential mate or your significant other ever dropped one on you? How did you react?

Have you ever broken up with someone or turned down a potential mate because of such sh*tty (but probably innocent) remarks? Do share your experiences.

For more, read this article on The Telegraph

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