America aint just a salad bowl

Posted by Sidney, 24 Dec

Melting pot? How about a salad bowl.

Some people feel we are just a bunch of people from different races and ethnicities who live together but don't mix. But is that really what America is? A salad bowl? I beg to differ. Other people beg to differ too.

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According to a recent study of U.S. genetics - where researchers analyzed the DNA of more than 160,000 Americans - we are doing some real good mixing. Yes! We are SOOO MELTING into one another. And as per the study there is so much mixed ancestry in America: Most of us have mixed race background that we are not aware of.

"The study found that, as expected, people tended to identify with the race that made up the majority of their background. However, for many, this self-identification was not completely accurate. According to the press release, the team estimated that as many as six million Americans who identify as white from a European background carry African ancestry and as many as five million self-described European white Americans have Native American ancestry."

So next time you meet someone, he or she could be 1/32 your 'own'. How about that?

New year... New mentality...

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