Are you high maintenance or do you simply know your worth?

Posted by Sidney, 27 Oct

When a woman sets her standards high and sticks with them, most people will call her high maintenance. Such are the women who are very positive and definitive about the way they want things to turn out and express those feelings.

This certainty or confidence can be viewed as annoying, being big headed or just plain high maintenance. Ladies, don't see it as a bad thing. All it shows is that people have realized that you have "high" standards and that you are not willing to compromise on. Since when is telling someone what and how you want something done just because you want to get the best possible outcome that will please you a bad thing?

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Yes, you may be detailed, maybe a little meticulous about how you want things done. That doesn't give people the right to throw that in your face in a negative light. Don't enable anyone to be dismissive. Never apologize for asking for what you want.

You are not high maintenance or overly confident. You are simply confident and you know your worth!

Who best to show or tell you what you like than you? There is nothing wrong with a particular or a detailed woman unless they are rude or over the top with demands. What I mean by over the top is a diva - and not the kind Beyonce was singing about but a controlling and obnoxious person who wants to control every last detail and throws fits and insults at those who are only trying to help. This type of woman I guess some might consider high maintenance and I can think of a few other words but that’s not what this rant is about.

I am trying to discern where one would draw the line between a woman that is confident and a woman that is high maintenance.

When one makes suggestions or requests just because they want to get the best result how is this somehow a problem? Why should one's certainty be under fire?

The thing is, people should stop complaining about women being “high maintenance” or confident then-complaining with the next breath about women not knowing what they want, being indecisive and insecure.

In your opinion, what do you think separates a confident woman from a high maintenance one? Do most men know the difference? Let's hear it from you...

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  1.   Jenibabe46 says:
    Posted: 10 Feb 19

    I know what I want and don’t compromise no matter what!

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  2.   Annab2b says:
    Posted: 01 Dec 18

    I know my worth. ;)

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