Big Brain finalist's music video supporting interracial and gay couples

Posted by Sidney, 07 May

gay couple rightsThe video below is for a recent single "Rest of My Life" by Teneia (full names: Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger), one of the 2015 Big Brain finalists. Its a beautiful video that features four couples: Three interracial straight couples and a lesbian couple (pictured couple who have been together for 15 years). The message being portrayed is: LOVE is LOVE, regardless of the genetic makeup of a couple.

Teneia and her spouse Ben Eichelberger, are among the interracial couples in the video. Lucky for Teneia and Eichelberger, they haven't had to endure social backlash as an interracial couple; something they may have experienced were it half a century ago."The video was about celebrating couples that are different," Teneia says. "We wouldn't have been able to get married 50 years ago."

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The video is also lending support to gay couples hoping that in another 50 years, gay marriage will be on the rise and widely accepted even in the 14 states that are yet to legalize it.

Enjoy her lovely sound and the message being passed across...

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