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Posted by Sidney, 20 Jun

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Going by history, black woman white man dating has been seen as taboo. Apparently, they were expected by society to date black men. That said, black women were known as the least likely to date interracially. That has changed over the years. People have been encouraging black women to date interracially. And today, we are seeing more and more black women feeling free to date interracially. It is no longer taboo. They no longer have to sit and wait for that ‘black knight’. They are spreading their wings and are breaking all the prejudicial barriers that have been in place for years. And today, we have several dating sites dedicated to black women who want to try something new! It’s all about having the freedom to date who you want.

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Black Woman White Man Dating Freely

It has been said that black men are more likely to date outside their race. And the numbers of black men dating Caucasians are apparently double that of their female counterparts. There have always been lots of articles written about the single black woman. Society has been painting a bad picture of them. People have said that they are too strong for men to handle. And that has been sighted as one of the reasons that black men are twice as likely to marry white women. Luckily things are changing. With the likes of Serena Williams, who never thought she would ever marry a white guy, more and more African American women are following suit. They are becoming bolder and are realizing that they are beautiful enough to be loved by men of other races.

It’s been said that black women outnumber their male counterparts. So this is probably the reason why we have the popular phrases of the ‘single black woman’ or the ‘unmarriageable black woman’. So basically, they say it’s harder for black women to find love with a fellow black man due to sheer volume.

Much as the stats might be true, black women are changing the narrative. They have realized that they can move out of their comfort zones and meet partners who they are compatible with outside their race. Today’s African American woman knows that she doesn’t have to be limited by race when it comes to searching for a romantic partner. They have realized their value and all they are looking for is true love no matter what color it comes in.

The thing is, there are black women who never ever pictured themselves with white men. But when they met the right kind of man who respects them, they were convinced. Men who accepted their true natural beauty. These white men have accepted them as they are. And they admire the strength that they possess. It does not intimidate them. They simply choose to embrace it. The strength of an African American woman clearly doesn’t threaten the white man.

The thing is, in the movies and media, black women are always portrayed as undesirable. All that is hailed is this thin blue-eyed blonde. The media has always idolized white women. Something we constantly see. If anything, there are white men who love that dark color of black women. And it’s the reason why some white women feel the need to tan their bodies and get fuller boobs and butts.

African women are realizing dating outside their race doesn’t make them less black


Years ago people used to feel that when a black woman dates a white man, it makes her less black. That she is abandoning and watering down the black culture when they bring into the world their mixed race kids. And this is the reason why the black community sometimes frowns on the black women who date white men. They are seen as sellouts.

Maybe some people still hold the same view which could be another reason we are seeing lesser interracial marriages between black women and white men. Black women always feel like it’s their role to maintain the black race - that it’s their duty to bring into the world more black men. So marrying within the black race seems like the way to go.

But that was then. We are becoming more accepting of each other making America a true melting pot. Much as some interracial couples might receive criticism for their dating choices, it's much less than what our grandparents went through. And more black families are embracing the idea of the black girls bringing home a white guy.

The thing is, black women are making their own dating choices. They are done with society dictating who they can date. And they know that dating white men doesn’t make them any less black. It doesn’t water down their culture – if anything it's enriching it.

The big question is: Does dating interracially make the marriage a lesser marriage? Hell No! Whether one marries a white man or a black man won’t change the status of your blackness. The person who hated your dark skin before meeting a white boyfriend won’t hate you less just because you now have a Caucasian dude.

The great thing is that we are having real conversations about interracial dating and race and black women are not letting history, race or some prejudiced individuals stand in their way of finding real love.

White men and black women have been making meaningful connections for years. And that is why a site like ours was created, in order to continue connecting black women and white men so they can find love with one another. They don’t want such thinking about the past come in their way of finding love. They are realizing how petty dwelling on the past is and how it can work against someone’s happiness.

A simple movie portrays it all

black woman

Most of us have heard of the movie “Something New”. Well, this was one film that was meant to encourage black women to get on the interracial dating bandwagon.  You know what? It worked. With the numbers as they are, a black woman doesn’t have to sit, moping and waiting for a black king. Black women have options these days. And the option is now white men or men of other races.

That is why the Interracial Dating website is here for you. We are here to link up black women and white men to meet and date freely. Our main goal is to bring like-minded individuals together. All we want is that we don’t stop love developing between black women and white men.

Movies might seem cliché. However, they make us see what is real. They help us accept the reality of black woman white man dating. Hollywood is bringing to us meaningful stories about interracial couples. And most women of color can relate to them.

What matters is that the relationship between the black woman and the white man works. Any African American woman deserves to find love. And that is what we are going for here. We just want black women to find true love. Period!

Now, these interracial films have played a very big role in the rise in black woman white man relationships. People usually relate to the couples they see on TV. And as they overcome the hurdles and challenges that interracial couples go through, they give real-life black and white couples hope too. They help interracial couples know how to deal with prejudice within family and society.

Black women are encouraging one another to date outside their race

We know while growing up, that many imagine ourselves being married to someone who looks like us. Someone of our own race. And that is true for black girls. Much as it’s OK to want to be married to a black male, the reality of the matter can sometimes be different.

As I mentioned earlier, black women start outnumbering black men in the dating scene at the tender age of 16 due to a number of environmental variables. Then there is the fact that black men are twice as likely to marry women of other races. There is also the education factor. When it comes to education compatibility, there are way less black men who match the education levels of black women. So the chances of a black woman marrying a black man who can meet her expectations are slim. And because of college and work, they tend to mingle with men of other races. This has made more black women to consider dating outside their race.

As more and more black women try something new, they are encouraging one another to also do the same. As statistics go, when we compare them to other interracial combinations, relationships between black women and white men seem to last the longest. Their marriages are less likely to end in divorce. So black women need to have more faith in interracial love.

Additionally, there are so many black and white celebrity couples that we see on the red carpets every time. New couples are coming up. And most of them have become an encouragement to the rest of us because their relationships are thriving.

Black women who are swirling are now coming out in public and telling other women to give white men a chance. They are no longer afraid to be called sell outs by society. They are telling their fellow black women to give swirling a try. I guess it’s about time that black women stopped living the label of the single and unmarriageable black woman and expanded their dating horizons. It’s time for black women to join the men and women of other races in dating interracially and realize that true happiness and compatibility isn’t tied to race.

Many thanks to interracial dating sites


Interracial dating sites have made easy the connection between black women and white men. There are several websites for black women who want to date white men. This is a great platform for these singles to mingle in an environment where prejudice is not allowed. So these black men and white women can mingle freely with like minded individuals whose goal is to date interracially.

Much like dating apps, meeting someone is just a swipe away. It is easier for black women to meet someone online than they would in the traditional way. So finding love these days is just a click away. There are no more excuses. Black women don’t have to hide behind the narrative that all the great black men have been taken by women of other races. They too have options. Nothing should stop black women from finding the happiness that they deserve. They can follow the black man’s footsteps and date outside their race too.

Now there has always been the misconception that men of other races don’t find black women attractive. Some online dating studies have said that they are the least likely race to be contacted by men of other races. That said, if you ask me, I think what could be causing this could be the racial preference they state. For instance, a white man won’t hit your inbox when you have clearly indicated that you are looking for a black male.

The thing is, there are so many white men out there who will tell you how attractive they find black women. And they are members of interracial dating sites and they are searching and hoping to find that beautiful African American woman or even meet black women from any part of the world.

Yes, we agree that more white women might have more success on interracial dating sites. Well, this is because they are more open to meeting men from all races. They are not afraid to try new things. Most don’t limit the dating preference of their potential mate by race. Black women, on the other hand, tend to be more conservative. They tend to care too much about what society might think of them. And this could be what is making them less successful on dating sites.

But this doesn’t mean that they are not meeting men. They are. This can be seen through the various success stories on black and white dating websites. The numbers speak for themselves. And the more other black women see these, they become more encouraged to put themselves out there on interracial dating sites and find love. The thing is: times are changing. And people are realizing that they can date without having to let racial boundaries stand in their way of finding love. Today, the numbers of black women on interracial dating websites are much higher than a decade or two before. And we are seeing more relationships and marriages between black women and white men, thanks to these interracial dating sites.

Black women need to be more vigilant in their search for love. And the best way to do this is to look outside their race. The best mate is not defined by race. The best mate is one that you can be free with, be compatible with and who gives you his love and respect. So any African American woman should do herself a favor and register on a reputable interracial dating site in order to find true love.

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We make meaningful connections. African ladies have met great dating partners. Marriages have happened and offspring have been born thanks to unions formed on this site. So it’s the time for black women to find true love and happiness as opposed to sitting and fantasizing about meeting the perfect black mate. The time for finding love is now. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to put your life on hold. There are great men everywhere. And your perfect match could be someone from any race. Don’t limit yourself. is one of the most reputable sites that you will ever find. Plus, we have a money back guarantee on our subscription. Don’t be left behind by other black women who have made success on our site and have found their perfect Caucasian men. Create your own interracial success today. Join our open minded members in the search for true love today. Register on our black woman white man site today!

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  1.   Onneil says:
    Posted: 21 Nov 19

    I dont see a problem of dating a white man as a black women i always dream of having one and i keep on coming to this site for a white man i hope God will give me one

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  2.   IamBond says:
    Posted: 09 Jul 19

    Hey lookit...I'll always be the first to say this: No one has to prove anything to anyone else!! That's what interracial dating should be all about. My niece is the most beautiful thing on this earth (Look through my pictures). And my sister is one of the most amazing people on this Earth. It's not about someone else's expectations of you. If that's what it's about, you're not going to last. If it's about perception; proving a point; or some rebellious act; you're worse than the people fighting against it. DO YOU. MAKE YOU HAPPY. I can't stress it enough. There shouldn't be an explanation for why someone dates interracially, or some in depth analysis about it. If someone says that they'll only date within their own race, no one questions it. But there are certain places in this country where interracial couples can't even marry. SO what happens? They turn around and conform to the expectations of society, and come up with a lame excuse for why. To me, that's the problem!

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    • Hamilton81 says:
      Posted: 27 Jul 19

      Best comment to this topic I have read so far. Looked at the are right about your niece.

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    • Hamilton81 says:
      Posted: 27 Jul 19

      Best comment to this topic I have read so far. Looked at the are right about your niece.

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  3.   JackOwen1 says:
    Posted: 30 Jun 19

    Many years have passed since societies integration. Many years have passed since racial tensions were at the forefront of the news. Slowly, mankind has come to the realization that all we are is human. True, there are vast differences between the black or African American culture and the WASP culture. But think about it..... Who’s WASP in 2019? Generations come and go. Society changes with the new thinking of the era. People blend cultures and races. Race and cultural diversity is not the Enemy it never was. Fear has always been the monster that lurks in the dark, just out of our sight. Not religion or race has driven men to hate one another. It’s fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being bested by a culture you don’t know anything about. In a nut shell education has played a big part of creating the great melting pot of the current generation. Many societal blemishes have come to the surface in the last few decades. With that, slowly there has been a changing of the mindset of today’s culture. Race and gender prejudice has melted away like a ice cube on a hot summers day. I know this is not true for all people we gave however made major advancements in the right direction. Please, go out into the world and embrace life with an open mind and a forgiving heart. Be part of the evolution not the revolution. Just say no to stupidity!!!!

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