Do men have an itch to spend their money?

Posted by Ando, 17 Aug 18

To the independent women who have a dude who has money! Woman? FLEECE THE DUDE!

Infidelity! That is what comes to mind. If a man has money, use it. If you don't, its gonna get an outlet. When the wallet is heavy, it heats up. Money has to be spent. So if you are an independent woman with a fat bank account that YOU are not the outlet... hmmm... there is another outlet besides you. It's like a hard c*ck. It has to be relieved.

So what happens?

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

You being nice and taking all the responsibilities leaves a loaded man feeling not-needed. The money has to burst. If not you, its some other woman who is willing to welcome the 'load'.

The thing is, this itch for spending money is inborn. It's even in the Holy books. Men are meant to be providers. So if your independent self makes him feel that he is not needed financially, he will, by all means, go feel needed someplace else. He will hemorrhage that money on some women who are not as deserving as you.

My crude advice: Drop the feminism! Stop picking the tab. If he has money, let him do it. We can't argue with nature. Otherwise, that extra cash he has will go someplace else; either the bar or some other baes.

Men just want to feel financially relevant to their spouses. So use that money. Ask for cash to go to the salon. Even if you have no use for it, just ask. Fish for that money if you are the main chick. Otherwise, other women will fish for it. And it will be easier for them. Do I really have to spell out how easy it will be?

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  1.   Prismatic says:
    Posted: 27 Aug 18

    Lol! Um, maybe for some guys but not all. There are guys who don't care and throw money around like there is no end. Then there are guys who do like catering to there girl but don't want to feel like they are being taken advantage of. For instance some men want to see their date offer to pay or split the check even thought they know they will tell her no and pick it up themselves. Then you have the misers/cheapskates. Do they have money to spend like that? Maybe they do and maybe they don't but they sure don't want to spend it on you. These are the types who insist on splitting everything and avoid gift giving.

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