How Online Dating Sites Keep us Safe?

Posted by Sidney, 09 Jan

One thing most new users of dating sites usually worry about is how safe they are. The thing with online dating is that some people over-flourish their profiles. So you might never really be sure who you are talking to. However, there is so much you can do as a member to protect yourself.

That said, the well-established dating sites usually put a lot of measures to assure some levels of safety for their members as they search for love.

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Online safety guidelines

Most dating sites usually have safety guidelines for their members to adhere to. And one of them is usually advising their members not to give out private information such as their last name, bank account details or home address. The advice is usually to stay away from members who try too hard to extract such info.

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Another way to keep up safety is also to stop communication with anyone who starts asking you for money or some emergency loan.

Steer clear of recording some pornographic content while in front of your webcam as this material can be used as a way to extort you.

Over and over again, dating sites have also cautioned members to meet in public places when its time for a face-to-face meeting. As an added precaution, don’t let someone pick you up from your place of residence. Meet at a commonplace.

Verifying accounts once they are uploaded

Normally, when one registers their profiles, most established dating websites usually have them verified. They have security teams in place who go through the information and photos that one provides in search of any suspicious activities.

Things like photo recognition software are usually used by these sites to automatically detect pictures that are duplicates from stock photo sites. They also don’t approve profiles with photos of celebrities or those that appear “fake”.

The other thing is that they don’t disclose the technology they use for safety purposes too so that these scammers don’t outsmart them.

Report a concern or block member feature

Some sites have given their users the ability to either report suspicious activity while on the website. Now once someone does this, the “alleged” suspicious member’s account is brought down to protect all other users on the site. Always trust your instincts. If you feel someone is fishy, then they probably are.

If someone sends you inappropriate pornographic content or become offensive in any way after declining their scheming, then as a member, you have the obligation to report them or just block the member from ever contacting you.

However, much as we know dating sites are doing something and using various algorithms and applications to weed out scammers, my advice is to be responsible for your own online safety and read the guidelines provided and stick to them.

That said, there a lot of people who are using these sites, and are working and have worked for them. The number of success stories is unbelievable. Well, even when dating offline, we gotta exercise some caution. You don’t just meet a stranger at a bar and carry them home. So whatever you do, stay safe.

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