Is there an issue with saying "mixed race" is one's type?

Posted by Ando, 29 Jun

"Love Island has its fair share of faults, but one that seems to be flying almost completely under the radar is its low key, institutional racism," says Aimée Grant Cumberbatch in a recent article.

On this reality dating show, one, Georgia told Josh how mixed race guys are her type declaring her dating preference in terms of race.

Anything wrong with that? We are attracted to people for various features. So we are allowed to have dating preferences based on this, right?

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Well, Cumberbatch's argument is calling 'mixed race' a type insinuates that all mixed racelook the same. Now, this negates the fact that mixed individuals have various racial combinations. It's not like mixed race is a single ethnicity. Asian-black, black-white, white-Asian, Latino-black ... They come in all kinds of combinations. Some even coming from more than just the two races we always constrict ourselves to.

Some people took to Twitter over this, with one Justin Chinyere wondering "...what defines mixed race to all these mixed race loving girls on Love Island."

The biggest issue here is the lumping of interracial individuals who are of different races into ONE. " doing so, you're denying their separate identities", says Cumberbatch. Basically, it portrays one's inability to look beyond race and see one as a unique individual. She blatantly calls this "racism".

Now, this "mixed" as a type seems to have rubbed her the wrong way. So what do you think about it? If you are a mixed individual, would you find it fetishizing when someone says "mixed race" is their type? Is it offensive to say they are your dating preference?

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  1.   Compass1 says:
    Posted: 01 Jul

    All this race verbiage is demeaning to the human race. It hurts kids and others alike ((Feelings) and it is a form of bulling). It all comes down to this (if you are a God fearing Christian and your heart is being renew in Christ Spirit) you will have a better understanding to these words. If you look into Genesis God said let us make man. So lets stop there an let that sink in. God the Father, God the Son And God the Holy Spirit this is in plural form, the Trinity. But man on the other hand is single denoting only one, HUMAM RACE this is singular, moving on we find and understand that God took Woman from Adams Side to work with him not to be his servant or vis versa. The founding father and mother of the whole Human Race. And Because of Sin we have taken and put people down just because they are different I.e. Color of thier skin, Where they came from, etc. How many Colors does a rainbow have? so to keep it simple lets say there is only seven take away five, is it still a rainbow? Would we be able to enjoy the outdoors is there was only two shades of green? God gave us these many variations' of color so it would not be Boring. Now you may wonder how did this all come about? Good question, the Flood and Climate changes people move and the human genes adapted, improvised, and overcame to protect the human race in the hotter, sunny climate skin tone darken, in the colder less sunny climate skin tone lighten. So thanks to Satan and his ability to deceived us humans we have hell on earth with all of this hatred because someone skin is not like thier own. Our governments have use this to control and divide so there is no more unity in this country let a lone in those overseas as well. I'm better than you mentality needs to stop can it stop with you?

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    • Paganinifan says:
      Posted: 02 Jul

      Not everyone believes in the existence of a god, nor should we be forced to. I used to, until I read the Bible cover to cover and realized its a man made fairytale meant to be a scare tactic for humans. Not to mention all the science that can debunk it. So, how about you leave out the biblical statements and say the same thing again? We do not need a religion in order to be kind to each other. That should come from standard human nature. And let’s face it, some people (just like animals in the wild) are NOT always kind to each other.

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  2.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 01 Jul

    “On this reality dating show, one, Georgia told Josh how mixed race guys are her type declaring her dating preference in terms of race.” Yeah, and? “Anything wrong with that?” Nope. “We are attracted to people for various features.” Correct. “So we are allowed to have dating preferences based on this, right?” Yes, we are. But not to the liberals. It’s most definitely liberals who are taking issue with someone’s dating preferences because the liberals think that none of us should have dating preferences. But, even the liberals do. I’ve been told time and time again by Trump haters that I’m not their “type”. To which I now have learned to reply with: “But you’re not supposed to have a type.” To which they don’t know what to say and then proceed to throw insults at me. You know, all that “love and peace” they preach. Yeah. That. Liberal white women love to show off their “non racism” by dating black men. But it’s ok for them to do that as a “type”. Anyone else who has a type is being racist. Please ignore the liberal rejects. They can’t make up their minds about what makes them happy. They are a miserable bunch who literally LOOK for things to complain about.

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  3.   Gundo says:
    Posted: 30 Jun

    Has anyone asked Georgia, what it is about mixed race guys that she likes? Only then would we know whether her preference, 'mixed race guys', really insinuates that all mixed race people look the same. Until then, I would be more cautious with associations of that kind; what if the features attracting her comprise the various 'in-between' looks of mixed race individuals?

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  4.   JonnyReggae says:
    Posted: 29 Jun

    I agree with the comments above and can see how it has been interpreted as narrow minded, however the majority of “mixed race” people in the UK are a mix of Black and Caucasian. It’s as simple as that really. Carry on...

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