More black women are finding true love interracially

Posted by Sidney, 25 Feb

"We find black women in general are the slowest to acclimate to interracial dating and interracial relationships," said Allison Kugel of

According to Kugel, there has been a rise in black women signing up for this interracial dating site in recent years. But much as this is so, these women still face perceived stigma. "They will say the black community is very patriarchal so while black men sort of have carte blanche to date whoever they want to date, as black women we’ll get a lot of backlash."

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However, the black women who are bold enough usually find lasting interracial love. As Kugel puts it, "Brown skin and darker skinned black women are actually getting asked out quite a bit by Caucasian men." And this seems to be a trend that is catching on.

So why is it that more black women are finding interracial love?

Well, according to Kugel, this can be attributed to shifting beauty standards, high profile interraicial couples and even TV shows, both fictional and reality. For instance, the character of Olivia Pope on "Scandal" has inspired most black women to take the plunge. Also on the TV reality series "Love and the City," Bershan Shaw found her true match by looking outside her race.

"I realized I had to step out of the box because dating in New York City was hard," said Shaw.

Shaw had been single for six years. She owned a successful business, had great girlfriends she could rely on and to top it all up, Shaw had beat cancer. She realized that if she was to find that last piece of the puzzle, she had to kick it up a notch saying: "I was dating African American brothers, and I love my brothers but it’s just that, it didn't happen for me. So I just said to myself let me date other and see how it goes."

She switched her focus to ANY man - regardless of race - who would make a great life partner. And after expanding her horizons, she found true love.

"We’re all people, we’re all human, we all stem from the same thing. We want love happiness, joy. So when I dated other – I found my husband. My husband is white, British, and he lived 10,000 miles away from me and that’s where I found my soul mate ", Shaw advices.

Looking at Shaw's story and looking at the success stories on InterracialDatingCentral, clearly, widening the search is one way to find to love. And more black women are finding interracial love.

True love and happiness doesn't have to come in a specific color. And if Shaw tried it and found that true love, what are you waiting for? Maybe looking for "ANY" good man is all you need.

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  1.   TinySprite says:
    Posted: 02 Apr 15

    I am of the opinion that the attraction has always been there between black women and white men. The reason for the hesitation is that black women who dared to step outside of the box was vilified by the very black men who themselves dated other races. Well, I will no longer be challenged and discouraged. It is my right to be happy and to disregard color as a stumbling block. I care not a rodent's posterior what anyone thinks, and guess what, I am quite pleased and feel extremely empowered by my decision and choices.

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