North Carolina may allow civil servants to deny marriage licences to gay and interracial couples

Posted by Sidney, 08 Jun 15

Can you imagine being denied a marriage license by a clerk for being an interracial couple or gay couple? Well, that could soon be happening in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Senate overrode Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of a shocking bill dubbed "Senate Bill-2":

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The above bill will be tabled in state house. If conservative legislators succeed in rounding up more votes than McCrory’s veto, they will have passed a discriminatory legislation, taking us back to the stone age era. This bill may seem similar to the Indiana anti-gay "religious liberty" law passed lately but this one is worse:

They are giving civil servants the right and power to discriminate others with full backing from the government. All a magistrate need do under the bill is articulate religious objection to issuing a marriage license to a couple and they can legally turn them away - not just same sex couples; ANY COUPLE! So what will stop racist magistrates from refusing to marry interracial couple too?

How can these conservative legislatures allow magistrates who have taken an oath to “faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties” of their office and to “administer justice without favoritism” apply personal prejudices above the law? At least the Indiana law allowed “compelling governmental interests” to surpass religious exercise. But this North Carolina bill ONLY wants to protect the civil servants’ right to discriminate against the right's of their fellow American's - the American's they are supposed to serve justly - more than anything else.

Why the regression people? Its super disheartening that these legislators want to pass such a dangerous pieces of discriminatory law that places personal intolerance of civil servants above taxpayers rights - on the taxpayer-funded jobs. Now this is lawlessness; NOT religious liberty!!!

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  1.   jorancho says:
    Posted: 07 Sep 15

    Being mix myself with a preference for Black women I find it disgraceful that north Carolina would even consider such a bill. It seems lately racists like the one who sponsored this bill are becoming more vocal of late. This in spite of the horrendous crime that was committed in south Carolina recently.

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  2.   Akreazz says:
    Posted: 06 Sep 15

    Let North Carolina attempt to deny same sex couples or Interracial couples a marriage license. North Carolina will be hit with a Civil or Federal Suit, that will render North Carolina or any other state, close to bankrupt.

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  3.   Devnull says:
    Posted: 31 Aug 15

    The world has gone mad and in particular the USA. Gay marriage is TOTALLY WRONG and any society that implements this evil trend is just accelerating it's demise. Civil servants have the right to refuse to be part of this madness. Comparing interracial unions to gay marriage is absurd at best. Yes civil servants can change jobs but NC should set a precedence to give them that choice.

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  4. Posted: 28 Aug 15

    If your religion conflicts with the job then GET A NEW JOB. There's a reason why there is separation of church & state. I don't believe in smoking but when I was a cashier I sold cigarettes. Can a Muslim pizza delivery guy refuse to deliver sausage pizza?

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  5. Posted: 15 Aug 15

    Has there been issues with them issuing marrage licenses to "interratial couples" in the past? If not I beg to argure that the issue is really same sex marriage. Interracial couples (man and woman) has still greatly been accepted in our scociety even among those who may not agree it's ideal. However, having changed the definition of marrage coupled with peoples religious and spiritual convictions that same sex relations/marrage is an abomination to God as their personal belief. That conviction is not only personal but going agaist it and accommidating same sex marrage is not without personal consequences of a personal between an individual and the God they worship. Therefore to force a person to abide is no diffrent than literally forcing them to bow and worship a false god not of their own. In turn that in itself is a violation of allowing religious freedom. Interracial relationships and marriage should not be used to influance fear that choising not to accommodate same sex marrage is or will be the same resistance agaist interracial marrage. Again, this is about the definition of marrage between a male and female, not so much at all race.

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    • LoveTheorist says:
      Posted: 25 Aug 15

      Ridiculous. Nobody is "forcing" anybody to do anything. If they don't want to issue marriage licenses to individuals whose right to them has been upheld by the supreme court, they can find another job.

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  6.   Gwambui says:
    Posted: 08 Aug 15

    I support restriction for the gsy couples, based on religious grounds. God did not create msrriegebto be between man and man or woman and woman. Butbon racial grounds. No! God is love!!!

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