Remote Kissing and Other Tech Gadgets to Keep That Long Distance Relationship Sizzling

Posted by Sidney, 15 Oct

Constantly Connect

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The secret to any successful relationship, new or old, is effective communication. While being in physical proximity makes communication easier, there are several tools available that can foster healthy and consistent contact for you and your beau. Sure, you might give your better half a phone call, but being able to see your lover is far more fulfilling. Services such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and even Facebook chat, offer the convenience of live chat software that can give you the visual stimulation you seek. Most of these services are free and easily accessible from your smart phone or your laptop. Most laptops on the market already have built-in webcams, or they can be purchased quite affordably from any local electronics retailer.

Expert psychologists such as Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne say it is important to feel you are part of each other’s lives, even when you are apart. Make it a goal for you to connect with your partner two-three times a week, at a set time, where your busy lives will not interfere.

Eye Contact Is a Must

Eye contact is important when looking to share yourself with your long distance mate. ETeleporter offers an ergonomic, hands-free design, allowing you to maintain eye contact with your partner, with the added benefit of crisp audio reception. Additionally, eTeleporter filters light in your environment, providing you with a more authentic visual experience free from glares. Currently, this device is only compatible with an iPad, but the company is working on products that will be useful with other types of tablets. Because this product is such a novelty, availability is limited online through sites such as Be one of the leading ladies to test out this exciting new accessory, and make your partner fall even more in love with you.

Moving to the Next Level

Tantalize your partner by keeping things fresh and exciting. Try out some new toys such as Vibease, a vibrator that is remotely controlled through an application on Android or iPhone. Your partner’s voice can be broadcast from anywhere in the world, and stimulates custom-fitted vibrations over to you. Or, for something a bit less erotic, you might want to try Kissenger, a device designed to transfer kisses across the Internet. This device imitates and transmits the movements of your lips on the device to your partner, allowing you to get as close to kissing as you can from a distance.

The Art of Seduction

Keeping the fuego burning brightly in any relationship, long distance or otherwise, can be difficult, which is why erotic novelty is so important. Varying the ways you intimately connect is important in keeping the fire alive. This holds true for long distance relationships, as well. Skype or FaceTime are wonderful for day-to-day interactions, but what about when you really want to steam up your computer screen?

Durex has just introduced a sexy, new line of lingerie called Fundawear to the market. It allows you to feel your partner’s touch through the Internet. Equipped with vibrators in all the right places, the long-lasting fun is activated through an app on your phone. Not only can you see each other, but you can feel each other, too. Or, if you are in for a more traditional romp in the sheets, set the mood, create a sensual environment with music, hushed lighting, and play out your most exciting fantasies over the computer screen. If that seems a little too much for you, just put on a sexy swimsuit from Yumdrop Swimwear to set the mood.

Keep the Romance Growing

Remind your partner about your commitment in sweet and diverse ways. Take solace in the fact that a recent study finds that couples in long distance relationships trust their partners more, on average, than those in geographically close relationships. This trust is what can foster a long-term, passionate connection, sure to last through the tribulations of time and distance.

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  1.   mf40 says:
    Posted: 12 May 14

    That's a plus for me, I am in a long distance relationship and we need to do what it takes to be happy! Though far away.

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