Shocking comments interracial couples get

Posted by Akila, 17 Jul 17

Every time polls are done on people’s acceptance to interracial couples, the numbers keep rising every year. But when you go to the internet and on social media and type “interracial”, you will always find a bad incident against an interracial couple. So you wonder: Are we really as accepting as we claim to be?

Well, clearly, we are not in a post-racism world just yet. Some people still make snappy and ugly comments at people in interracial relationships; especially the black and white couples.

‘Look at you taking another one of our good black men’

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In a bid to capture all this, Donna Pinkley, an Arkansas-based photography professor decided to do an interracial art project. She had decided that it was about time someone stood behind mixed couples. So she began an interracial pics series project dubbed “Sticks and Stones”.

So what inspired this project?

The photo series which began in May 2014, was fueled by one girl’s experience. Her mother had told Pinkley how people were harassing her for dating a boy outside her race. This reminded Pinkley of another girl from her past who also had to endure racial slurs being hurled at her for her dating choices.

So she figured: Why not take interracial pictures of other couples? And just like that, “Sticks and Stones” came to life.

So what’s striking about her interracial artwork?

All the photos are taken in black and white. And the main reason for this is so that people can focus more on the love and affection these couples share as opposed to being destructed by their skin tones. Accompanying the photos are insults that have been hurled at each one of the interracial couples she photographed.

Check out how people taunt interracial couples in this photo series

You will be shocked at what people throw at interracial couples

“Don’t like black women?”

“They are disgusting”

“Look at you taking another one of our good black men”

“There are other black girls out there”

“All she wants from you is a green card”

“You will never be able to give her what a white man could”

“Why are you with her?”

“No other man will ever want you”

“I’ll bet your parents are really proud of you”

“Bitches like that are the reason why we can’t get a good black man”

“What are you doing hanging out with n*****s?”

“What’s wrong with American women? Don’t you like American women?”

“If she can’t use your comb, don’t bring her home!”

“You must like ‘Milky Way'”

“I told you a black woman lived with a white man at that house”

The thing is: people never seem to get tired of taunting biracial couples. Sadly, and if I am to be realistic, we should expect more of these interracial stories. The animosity is real. The struggle for the right to love whoever you want is real.

This happens even to famous interracial couples. For instance, after Tamera Mowry had her interracial wedding, people called her “a white man’s whore” and “a sellout”. And when she was brought on Oprah TV show, she cried as she talked about the hurtful and racist comments people hurled at her online.

Tamera is not the only celebrity who has been bashed and labeled for loving the “wrong race”. And she and her husband Adam Mosley will not be the last black and white couple to be bashed for interracial love. (/fyooz/celebrity-interracial-couples-bashing-is-real-and-dated/)

It seems, like when some people see a biracial couple walking by, their mouths burn and they lash out. If it’s on the internet or on social media, their heads spin and their fingers burn; so they type away.

If people can go ballistic over an advert like Old Navy for featuring a mixed race couple; threatening to boycott buying their stuff, then we have sunk too low. If someone can stab an interracial couple just because they kissed in public, then we have become worse than terrorists.

So are we really as accepting to mixed love as we claim to be? Is it a show and that deep down we are dying inside whenever we see a black man and a white woman walking by? Only you can know how you really feel.

Pinckley’s project of taking interracial couples portraits is ongoing. She hopes that by putting all this to light and standing behind interracial couples, somehow other people will join her in standing behind interracial couples… Her aim is to make people less judgmental and more open interracial couples.

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  1.   Chocolatte4 says:
    Posted: 30 Nov 17

    Yeah. It gets old. And some people are just angry and hateful all the time.

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 25 Sep 17

    The one I hear the most is: "Yo mama black. You must not love your mama because if you did you'd want to date someone who looks like her." I actually do love my mother but I'm not trying to have sex with her though. I also hear or read a lot of comments bashing black men for dating "ugly" white women, as if it's up to someone else to decide who looks good enough to be dating someone. If two people are attracted to each other it shouldn't matter whether anyone else thinks they're attractive or not. If people minded their own business the world would be happier place but those people mind the business of others because they aren't happy themselves.

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    • MimiM86 says:
      Posted: 21 Oct 17

      I have told the haters "if you aren't f*cking, financing, or feeding me, your opinion is worthless!" and that's the truth. They're salty because they don't have the love their seeing you and your partner so they have to spout their jealous mess.

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