University Fires Woman for Being in an Interracial Relationship?

Posted by Sidney, 22 Sep

A woman who used to work for Houston Baptist University sued the university claiming she was fired because she is in an interracial relationship.

Danya Wilde (white) filed the lawsuit on September 6. According to the federal court records, the suit shows that Wilde attended several school functions with her African American boyfriend only to be criticized and ostracized by his former colleagues. Wilde added that their son - who attended HBU for free as part of the mother's employee benefits - became a target of belittling remarks.

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As per the lawsuit, HBU "has exhibited a bias against African-Americans". Apparently, both president and the provost made racially insensitive comments.

HBU refuted the claims saying Wilde was fired because she seemed not dedicated to her staff. But as per the suit, “Direct and circumstantial evidence demonstrates that Ms. Wilde was terminated based on her association with her bi-racial son, and her boyfriend, who is African-American.”

The termination made Wilde withdraw her son from HBU and is seeking a jury trial and monetary damage.

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  1. Posted: 24 Sep 16

    This is a disgusting thing that happened to this couple. You would think that people were use to IR couples by now. I hope they win a large sum in this lawsuit because no one show have to go through this.

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 24 Sep 16

    This seems to happen way more with white women/black men unions than with other interracial couples. They can't legally lynch us anymore for it so in their insecurities they resort to things like this. True love conquers hate in the long run though. I'm still going to date/marry whomever I want.

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