What you should know about dating online in 2022

Posted by Sidney, 05 Jan

It was Dating Sunday (the first Sunday of the new year) just a few days back where we expected the day was very busy. I hope you took advantage of that surge of online dating activity on the site.

So what does this year have in store for you when it comes to online dating in 2022? What trends should you be watching out for?

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Sex and Relationship Expert, Shan Boodram, had this to share with the rest of the world.


Has the pandemic made you call yourself for a one-person meeting to figure out what your type is? Well apparently, you are not alone. 48% of us have had this 'unilateral meeting'. In 2022, people are going for an exploratory approach to dating. So what this means is that a lot of singles want to explore fresher options when it comes to the qualities of a potential mate. For instance, a number of people are open to exploring dating someone in a different city. So don't limit your options. Almost half of the online daters are open to checking out what more is out there.

Dry dating

I am really loving these phrases ;-) . With people being locked up, with most bars and restaurants restricting the number of people they accommodate (some even closed), people have adopted new drinking habits. Chances are, you won't be meeting your potential mate on your first 'In Real Life' date at a bar.

Consciously single

After almost two years of just being alone, especially with self-isolation and lockdowns, a lot of singles (slightly above 50%) have realized that they don't have to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. People have realized that they can be OK being single. So this year, singles are looking for relationships they want. Most of them are not going to compromise. They are all about finding 'THAT PERSON'. So better bring your A-game because other singles aren't just looking for anyone.

2022 is all about finding that someone, not just anyone. The pandemic has made half of us (53%) realize that it’s OK to be alone for a while.

A few tips...

Your profile picture should stand out

A smile is something that you really need in your main picture. If you can ditch the sunglasses, do so so that other singles get the chance to connect with your eyes. Try avoiding filters and make a magnetic first impression. Let that picture include you as opposed to it being a picture of your pet or car. Your profile picture should be a representation of what you want your potential mates to know about you at a glance. Show your fun and exciting personality whenever possible.

More is more

With singles not wanting to settle for being in a relationship for the sake of it, in 2022, 'less is not more'. Don't leave your profile blank. Make the effort to show potential mates why they should pick you by talking a little about what is amazing about you. Let your profile be memorable. With the pandemic still with us, try as much as possible to keep it positive.

Here is a great tip to get people to engage with you: Ask a question on your bio to entice people to respond as their first message to you.

Highlight your interests

Something as simple as mentioning your passions, interests, and hobbies will for sure bring you closer to the person you will connect with.

Ask a friend for advice

Your friends know you best. They see a lot of us than we ourselves can. What you might be downplaying about yourself could be the very thing about your personality that your friends like in you. Ask a friend to genuinely describe who you are and try putting that down in your profile. Believe me, friends are the ones who can candidly tell you what stands out about you. Also, ask them to help you out with choosing the pictures to upload. What you think isn't a good picture could be just the one that will attract your potential mate.

Be active. Be proactive

If you didn't meet your holiday love, Valentine's Day isn't too far. Get online whatever chance you get and meet other singles who signed up recently. Take control of your dating life. Whenever you see someone you like, don't hold back. Send them a message. If you have taken time to give your profile a makeover, chances are there is something that wasn't there before that will capture someone's attention.

All the best dating in 2022 and have fun every step of the way.

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