Why Glasses are Sexy on Men and Women

Posted by Sidney, 02 Nov

Is there a particular reason why glasses are sexy on most people who wear them? We must admit that these days, the men and women who spot glasses make them appear hot. It is like glasses usually give someone an upgrade from what they actually look like. If you think that glasses are a no-no, you need to think again. If you think the geeky, intelligent look is a no for you, it has become the look of choice that has been trending.

Read on as we examine this strange, yet hot look…

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What makes glasses make people look hot?

One of the things that come to the top of my head is that Harry Potter made glasses cool. Have glasses become one of the most common fetishes? Whatever the idea behind it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that these days we see celebrities and the hottest people with glasses.

Now we all have a type. So, if your type is the ‘Harry Potter’ type, who are we to judge. One thing most people who end up falling for men and women who wear glasses will tell you that it is not that they go actively looking for someone who wears glasses.

That said though, whether it is the sunglasses or reading glasses, most people are spotting the look because they think glasses are sexy. You might find even those with no underlying eye issues wearing them just so that they can also be in the glasses wave.

So, what really makes people look handsome in glasses and magnetically beautiful in glasses? Let’s take a look.

The Superman look

Here I am sure most ladies and guys alike will agree with me on this one. The dude wears those glasses perfectly. Ken Clark really pulled off the glasses look. Plus, what made it even better is how the dude used to bravely run into danger and rescuing people. Then there was the added hotness that is enhanced whenever he rips off his clothes. Need I continue to explain why people look handsome in glasses after that ripping off of clothes

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  1.   Jezzabella says:
    Posted: 18 Jul 21

    I only wear glasses to see up close, but l do like how l look in them. Kinda like the " brainy, nerdy, creative, crazy chick"...which really is me. Lol!

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  2.   XFury says:
    Posted: 27 Nov 20

    I think a lot of people aren't wearing prescribed lens. The thick black frame glasses is just a trend that I'm personally bored of.

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  3.   Tastemyaura says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 20

    My glasses do not look sexy on me, but I’m grateful because they help with my vision.

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  4. Posted: 12 Nov 20

    Lol I wear glasses but I'm still single

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  5.   HeyLaSoul says:
    Posted: 10 Nov 20

    I wear glasses. All my life I never did until. Few years ago. Took a lot of time to adjust. I do look very different. I do think men in glasses look very intellectual and attractive. Especially if they are a pair that fits their face and personality.

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