Why you shouldn't rush love. Just let it happen

Posted by Sidney, 18 Feb

How soon is too soon to fall in love? When you are surrounded by friends who are in love, and you end up feeling like the third wheel all the time, you might feel the pressure to get into one just so you can fit in. One thing I know too well is you can't rush love. Love needs to be savored.

You might be wondering why the love of your life hasn't shown up yet. Well, the fear of being alone isn't a reason to rush into meeting someone. On the contrary, such a hurry usually jeopardizes most relationships. Being the only single person in your clique of friends shouldn't force you into jumping into a new relationship. Likewise, your family shouldn't also put that pressure on you.

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So take a break, stop rushing things and give love the chance to find you. If you just met someone new, don't force the feelings. When you jump into a relationship with every person you meet, you will find yourself jumping from one failed relationship to the next. Finding true love gets harder the more you rush things.

Well, below are some of the reasons why you need to pump those breaks and let love find you.

Desperate isn't attractive

Desperation has never been and never will be an attractive, sexy trait. When you try too hard, you end up pushing away the person you have a crush on. That is true even if this person also has a crush on you.

Try not to be too pushy. Instead, take it slow by letting love happen naturally. Take your time and enjoy falling for one another slowly. You don't want to come off as needy and selfish. The more desperate you act, the faster your crush will run.

The wrong relationship will drain you

When people talk of toxic relationships, this is what they mean. One of the mindsets that people go into relationships with is that love is hard. But much as maintaining a healthy relationship requires hard work, it isn't supposed to drain your energy. Unfortunately, most people who jump at rebound relationships in the name of love usually find themselves in such situations. Take time to access someone before you start making lifetime commitments.

Rushing could cloud your judgment and emotions

What happens when you dive into a relationship? First, you might end up confusing yourself. Sometimes, it's lust and not love. It's hard to tell the difference in the early stages. When you let yourself fall in love too fast before establishing the other person's intentions, you will get heartbroken. If this happens to you consecutively, you will end up losing faith in love.

You might create unhealthy relationship patterns

Don't rush love, especially if you have just ended a relationship or are just doing it to fit with your crew. The thing with forcing yourself to be in a relationship just because you are scared of being single is that you will start reading into feelings that are not there. Before you know it, you find yourself in relationship patterns that fail before they begin. Every time you are in a meaningless relationship, you are losing your chances of meeting that special someone. So stop forcing yourself into relationships just for the sake of it. Remember, you can't rush love especially when the feelings aren't reciprocated.

You overlook the important moments

People miss some moments just because they are too engrossed in trying to make the other person fall in love with them. Some might seem insignificant, but those are the ones that can make the relationship graduate from a mere fling to something meaningful. These are the moments that create unbreakable bonds.

Even if you meet a perfect potential mate, the chances of screwing things up are higher when you rush things. It might lead to awkward moments that make someone too uncomfortable to want to pursue anything further. So please don't wear a "will you marry me" t-shirt on the second date.

You might never meet the one

Are you sure you know what makes a good relationship? We always fall in love with people we like, right? However, this doesn't mean they are suitable for us. People rush their relationships because they convince themselves that they have met the one.

Rushing into a long-term relationship or forcing yourself into one doesn't mean that you will be happy. While you try to force a new relationship, you tend to miss qualities of other people that you could have been compatible with.

Be patient when it comes to looking for love. Love finds those who are patient. Build yourself and become a better version of yourself instead of forcing yourself on someone. A better version of yourself will make you more attractive to the right person. Never settle just because you are scared of being alone. That will be more tragic than being single.

So if you want to cultivate a healthy relationship, have faith and let the relationship take a natural course. Trust in the universe. If it is meant to be, it will be.

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