Women always prepare themselves for pregnancy

Posted by Sidney, 01 Sep

For all great things in life, we always ask ourselves the greatest question of them all: “Am I really ready for the next big step?”. It is widely considered that one of the most important things in life - the most important one for a lot of us - is having a child. Your life immediately takes a different turn, especially if you are a woman.

We have seen women desperately trying to have a baby while for others it was as easy as that. For some women pregnancy was a big surprise. It was something they’ve never planned, so they found themselves confronted with a big dilemma: “Should I keep my baby or not?”

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In  this article we will be discussing on women who have always wanted to experience motherhood. For them motherhood is a dream come true. They want to live the whole experience to the fullest, from the moment they decide to conceive a baby with their partner until the day of the birth. Like everything else in life, they want to be prepared for a pregnancy both psychologically and physically.

How does a woman know when she is ready to have a baby?

But, how does a woman know when she is ready to have a baby? She just knows. Some women are ready to experience motherhood at a very young age, others while growing up and the ones that may never feel the need.

When a woman is trying to conceive, her daily life is changing. She changes her diet, she quits smoking and alcohol, she tries to sleep at least eight hours and spends more time resting. In other words, she is preparing her body in general. She checks on her ovulation every month, counting the days. She changes her exercise program and she is more sexually active.

However, becoming obsessed with getting pregnant is wrong and a trap that many women fall in, making their own lives and their partner’s a torture. Obsession does not solve any problems. On the contrary, it makes everything even more frustrating for everyone - their partners, their families, their friends, their colleagues.

A recent survey regarding pregnancy concluded in very interesting results.

Incompatibly to common beliefs, there is no need for strict dictations and deprivations. The couple’s sexual life doesn’t need to change and women don’t need to adapt to big changes in their daily routine. In fact, they don’t even have to think about it at all. As soon as a couple decides to have a baby, they should forget all about it and live their lives according to their daily routine.

Fertility experts state that women trying to conceive need to be more clever and “secretive” as not to give their partners’ performance anxiety. In a few words, women should discuss everything with their other half but this. These comments were made during a panel at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, in Helsinki where one IVF specialist claimed that the “Excel spreadsheets” some couples use to track their sex lives could destroy romance and drain happiness out of their lives.

Even a few drinks now and then can help a woman relax and conceive more easily.

Experts even mentioned that women shouldn’t have sex just for obtaining their goal, in this case a baby, but also for pleasure. They should keep the imagination of their man wild, be playful in bed and enjoy sex like they did before the pregnancy issue came up. The anxiety of having a baby doesn’t help anyone, especially a man in bed.

The possibilities of a woman having a baby are 15 - 25% monthly.

This is a number which decreases after the age of thirty. However, low chances of getting pregnant shouldn’t make women feel stressed. And they should certainly not make their partner’s life difficult. If they let their desire to be mothers take over, then everyone around them will be affected by their obsession.

Don’t just sit there for hours searching articles on the internet such as “10 magical food tο empower fertility” or “10 sex positions to help the sperm perform better” etc. Let it be and ask your doctor for advice. Your doctor - not the internet! The internet will only leave you confused and frustrated.

If there are no fertility problems, the procedure of conceiving should go unnoticed. A good diet plan, a few hours of exercise, the lack of every day’s stress and high quality of life are a must, not only during this period but always.

The strongest ingredient of conceiving is love.

To sum things up, love is all you need. Enjoying sex with your partner and exchanging your love, passion and compassion with him are the best ways to be happy and be a good mother in the future. When a woman is being loved and loves her partner equally, conceiving a baby naturally should not be a problem. The baby will come as the fruit of your happiness, reflecting the feelings within your relationship.

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