Black Guy Brings His White Girlfriend to Barbershop in Harlem

Posted by Sidney, 01 Jan

barber shop racistIn this video of What would you do?, a Black man brings along his White girlfriend to a barbershop in Harlem. A black hairdresser flips on seeing this and she hates on the poor white girl. Other clients are there and are watching this confrontation. Do they step in and speak up for this White woman and her boyfriend or do they look at it as another case of “Its none of my business”...and let the white girl have it because she has “stolen” another black man?

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What would you do? Take a look at how people react to this.

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  1.   roostergod says:
    Posted: 27 Apr 14

    I had problems like this with my ex gf Tanya. Im puerto rican but as you can see I dont look it. And because of that we have heard some nasty stuff about us. There was this one time we came out of our apt and when we closed the door. We seen that someone sprayed paint "JUNGLE EVER" on the door. We was REALLY mad. I told her to go on ahead and that I would come along after I got that off our door. I had just walked in to get paint to over it and heard a knock on the door. I go to see and its these 2 white guys. They had the nerve to come to my home and ask if I was like under a spell of a black woman but in a worse word. One said before I could say anything that if so to tell them and they would *TAKE CARE* of her. And I can be free to be with a white woman. I can control my temper alot but with something like this i cant. I was doing everything not to hit both of them. I told them get outta my face cuz this aint going down like they believed it would. Just as I say that Tanya comes back cause she forgot her wallet. They seen her and quickly started walking towards her saying lets kill this ******. Which I jumped down the steps and grabbed both of them by the shirts n pulled them back making them fall. One go to get up but when i hit him with my elbow he went out. The other pulled a knife. He lunged at her and i jumpped to push her away. Which was great cause had i not done that he would of stabbed her in the chest but instead she fell back. Which gave me enough time to hit him n take the knife. When I did he ran. She called the cops . It wasnt till after she called the cops did she notice blood everywhere. She screamed "YOUR HAND" and started to freak out. I looked and my left hand which was the hand i pushed her with blood was pour out and my thumb almost all the way cut right off. It was right down to the bone. I had never even felt it happen. Cops came and caught the guys only 9 houses away. We found out they had started some gang almost like the KKK. So I know how bad it can get. Its so sad that this day in age that stuff like this still happens. It makes you think of how these people must of been raised to be like this now. Like is there mom or dad just like them? Did they tell them to not like anyone that's not white? This whole WORLD needs to just get over the color. Why hate someone cause they are not your color? For all you can know that same person you just hated on COULD have maybe your next GF or wife. But instead you hated them cause of the color of there skin. Stupid dont you think? I have always dated WOMEN not black woman or white women or japanese womean, JUST WOMEN!! Never look at skin color. For skin color can not love but the person that is in that skin can. Why not try for once in your life?

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  2.   kgeorge says:
    Posted: 13 Jan 14

    Mandela taught us.. That Freedom is a state of mind. NOT ! Riding at the front of tha bus, or eating at a designated for whites diner. Mandela had a state of mind ...that cause him to live so long...and walk out with a smile on his face. Hating a bigot solves NOTHING. Wealthy whites don't have time or waste time hating blacks......they're too busy watching their money. Poor white bigots and Black haters that are bigots .....Need to join forces to keep from sinking in the same boat that they share. to change the system of the powers that be. Attention poor white bigot....Being white does not make you exceptional anymore.... money & wisdom does....If u don't believe it ....Ask OPRAH and other successful minorities like her....Please DON'T ask our bigoted colleague.....Donald Trump & kids

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