Being promiscuous - Why do you love having casual sex?

Posted by Sidney, 15 Jul

What qualifies as promiscuous?

Does casual sex make someone promiscuous? Well, going by the promiscuous definition, someone who has sex with multiple people on a casual basis is in fact promiscuous.

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When I was a teenager, I can’t even count the number of times I was told promiscuity is bad. I was told if I wanted to be a respectable lady, then I shouldn’t open my legs for every man who wanted to get down with me.

Like any girl who has been told that having sex with every Tom, Dick, and Harry is a sin, I was a virgin for quite a while. And people would gossip and write on the bathroom walls about the sexually promiscuous boys and girls.

In this age of Fifty Shades of Grey, people are really embracing their sexuality. Committed couples engage in orgies and have open relationships. Husbands and wives are swapping partners. Today, having kinky sexual desires and fetishes isn’t something that will make people think you are a sexually perverted. And this openness has somehow changed the entire meaning of promiscuous. What people called sexual promiscuity then, is now called embracing one’s sexuality.

Is casual sex normal?

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When it comes to casual sex, how many multiple sexual partners define promiscuity? And does promiscuisity mean one lacks morals?

According to a recent anthropological research, it is the nature of women to seek multiple partners. Apparently, female promiscuity isn’t something to write home about. Basically, what they are saying is that all women are inherently sluts.

When they dug deeply into sexual promiscuity in women, much as women desire to screw many men, there is always a reason behind why they bang a particular man. So maybe it’s time we stopped shaming promiscuous women because it's inborn. So if you have gone as far as screwing your boyfriend’s best friend, don’t blame it on yourself or daddy issues psychology crap! Just blame it on evolution.

What is wrong with the definition of sexual promiscuity?

There is something wrong with promiscuity definition within our society in general. It varies based on gender. Normally, women who have casual sex with multiple partners are shamed and is automatically dubbed a “slut”. But when a man sleeps around, he gets a thumbs up or a pat on the back with his peers calling him “THE MAN”.

Is this fair? I don’t think so. If a man decides to have one-night stands day in day out and is not shamed, then I think it’s only fair we extended the same courtesy to women. What is promiscuous with women should also be considered promiscuous in the case of men.

Why do people have casual sex?

Human beings are presented with multiple choices when it comes to the selection of partners. When you go to buy shoes, for instance, you may leave your house knowing exactly what you want. But when you get there, you end up picking something else. But while buying the one you bought, you saw several others that you couldn’t buy at the time. So you go back and get that one too, and then another… You get the analogy, right?

Women and men come in all sizes. And we get attracted to different people for different reasons. There are people who just want to experiment with multiple men and/or women. Is experimenting a bad thing? Well, if you are single and no one gets hurt in your quest to have a test of “something new” every now and then, then it’s your business. No one else’s.

Another reason is the dry spell that comes with the single status. And living without sex can be quite challenging, to say the least. All the dildo’s and masturbation in the world won’t scratch the “itch” as its meant to be scratched. Sometimes we all want someone to scratch it for us.

You might meet someone and you sleep with them. It was horrible. Do you force things? Definitely not. You find someone else. And you continue having sex with different men until the day you meet the one who satisfies both your physical and emotional needs. It will be quite unfair if one gets shamed for their journey towards searching for love.

So what does promiscuous really mean?

The definition of promiscuous is quite blurry. Some people actively choose to have casual sex for reasons best known to them. And the motive is what should define promiscuity.

Some people find themselves in the situation of having more than one partners. And one of the reasons is the search for the one. It's your body. The intentions are yours. So don’t feel shame if your intentions are clear, your conscience is clear and you are not doing something that you might later regret. Plus, it's no one’s place to judge whether you are promiscuous or not; only yours.

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