‘I am a single woman and I hate being single’ – Why it’s ok to hate being single

Posted by Sidney, 06 Jul


I hate being single. Being single sucks. I could go on and on about it. There are many people who claim that it’s okay to be single. They claim they don’t need a man or a partner for them to be happy. Well, if I am to be honest about it, I don’t like being single even one bit.

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Here is why I hate being single:

Imagine having to come home daily to an empty house. The only voices you here are the ones on the TV and those you make yourself when your tummy rumbles or when taking those strides in that quiet house. There is no one to talk to. All you do is check your phone in the hopes that one of your friends will call.

But is it ok to be single?

Sometimes it makes sense to take a break from dating especially if you have been on a string of bad relationships. It’s good to take time off and reflect why you could be attracting the wrong mates.

Much as breakups can be a pain, taking this time off is necessary. Much as you may be hating being single at that moment, it’s good to give yourself time to heal before you jump on to the next relationship. Try being single for a year. Because, believe it or not, the only relationship that will determine how other relationships will be is the one you have with yourself.

How to be okay with being single:

There are some people who are really ok with being single. These are men and women who exude lots and lots of confidence. They believe it is ok to be single. Some even believe in being single for life.

Below are a few guidelines on how to be ok with being single:

  1. Enjoy your me-time

One luxury most people in relationships don’t get to enjoy is having some alone time. This is one of the main reasons why it’s okay to be single. There is nothing as annoying as someone breathing down your neck when you want to have time to yourself.

Enjoy this time. Do things you love. Indulge in solo adventures. Take a bubble bath and enjoy that glass of wine alone. Travel alone. Reflect. One day you will look back and miss these days. Appreciate them.

  1. Take care of yourself to build your confidence

There are certain self-care regiments you can indulge in that can boost your confidence as a single person. Take time to groom yourself. Treat yourself to fine things in life like nice clothes and shoes. Work out consistently and eat healthy foods that fuel and boost your energy and general feel.

  1. Surround yourself with friends

Make time for your friends. And when choosing them, choose friends who are positive and supportive. Don’t spend time with people who constantly remind you why being single sucks.

There are some people who will throw being single sucks quotes at you. Get rid of such friends. Always hangout with people who empower you and people you share similar interests.

  1. Keep a journal

If you are a person who hates being single, having a journal where you can write your private thoughts is necessary. Let it all out. Jot down “I hate being single” quotes and thoughts. This will help you check your emotions and feelings.

  1. Laugh a lot

Get yourself a good comedy every now and then and give yourself a good laugh. Laughter is the best cure for our general being. It heals us physically, mentally and emotionally. Laughing improves our general health. So find things, evens and friends who will make you laugh away.

Having said that is it ok to be single? Are there people who prefer being single for life? Yes, and yes. There are some people who will go “I hate being in relationships”. I am guessing, these are those who don’t have success. Such people find themselves being ok with being single.

I don’t like being single. Even when I meet someone who says “I hate being in a relationship”, I usually wonder. Relationships, just like being single isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Well if were to be honest with myself, I hate being single.

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  1.   Jenibabe46 says:
    Posted: 05 Dec 17

    Lovely post, I have learnt something from this write up!

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  2. Posted: 28 Oct 17

    I can't relate, probably because am more of an introvert and need time alone to reenergize. I love my company, and am never bored alone, I often wonder how anyone is. There are endless things to do online, new skills to learn, movies to watch and the list goes on. Am a whole person. A relationship is nice to have and I suppose one can feel alone from time to time but lonely? Not at all.

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    • peterness says:
      Posted: 24 Jan 18

      I hear you. I appreciate time alone and I appreciate time with others or someone else. Balance.

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