Lets Stop Fetishizing Black Women

Posted by Sidney, 16 Mar

Fetishizing. Most men do this to women; making them feel more like sexual objects, less like human. And Black women have been victims of this.

Well someone decided to speak about it; Minnesota-based slam poet Alessandria Rhines.

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The thing is, when one fetishizes another because of their race, its not cute; its not a compliment. And the thing that makes fetishizing wrong is that its dehumanizing because clearly, the person with a fetish isn't really interested in an equal relationship.

In her piece, she starts off with the definition of "Fetish": "An inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is thought to be inhabited by a spirit." And brilliant is all I can call her piece. She also talks about the kind of men who literally "try a new shade of woman for the week like a fur coat you can't afford, and eventually return."

She finishes off with...

"Don't pat my hair. Don't touch my skin and call it chocolate or caramel or mocha or 'body bangin' like butta'... I am not your experiment. Your diversity quota. Your cultural trophy... Sometimes this skin aches for more. Reassurance that it's worth something, that every inch is worth more than the spread of these hips or how it lays in a body bag. Fetishes are for the fools who can't tell the original from the copy. I am neither, for I am, the truth."


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  1.   Chris2791 says:
    Posted: 21 May 16

    I don't like this, this is only divisive to me.There are tons of women on this site calling themselves, chocolate, mocha, or just plain "Black" like i can't figure that out. I do not treat black women as "pets" or "trophies" i see them just as a beautiful woman who happens to be black, and yes, i date only black women. Remember, everything is a two way street.This can be said for white men, white women , etc. I like the articles on here, but they seem biased to black people only.Expand your topics maybe, to all races here. One Race

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  2.   SassyT88 says:
    Posted: 10 May 16


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  3.   brit_brit04 says:
    Posted: 09 May 16

    Thanks you. (y) *claps*

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  4.   Tomtran says:
    Posted: 03 Apr 16

    If anyone try to divice our love by the color.Its would happen to them too.

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  5.   Sugahrush says:
    Posted: 28 Mar 16

    Absolutely exquisite, my Sister. A definite word to the "wanna-be-wiser"... To those who would relegate a woman to the status of...Fetish. Great poetry.

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