Overcoming your fear of flying when headed on a romantic travel adventure

Posted by Sidney, 20 Dec

Has your significant other planned a romantic travel for the two of you but unfortunately, you have the fear of flying? The thing is it doesn't matter how frequently you do your flying. Even the most frequent flyers have been known to have their stomachs churn when the plane goes up to 35,000 feet. This can be quite stressful. So if your significant other extends the proposal that he has booked a flight for some exotic getaway for the two of you and just the thought of flying makes you anxious and terrified, believe me, you are not alone. Apparently, about a quarter of Americans get nervous about flying.

Well, read on as we explore some of the strategies that can assist you to get over this fear and enjoy your well-deserved romantic trip...

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How to keep calm on your next flight and trips with your partner

The fear of traveling can be caused by numerous factors. The leading factors include claustrophobia and the fear of heights. Now there are those who just get nervous about flying because of the fear that the plain might malfunction while midair or crash. Much as the statistics show that traveling by air is safer than flying, there those of us who are not convinced. There is a small number afraid of hijackings by terrorists.

For uneasy flyers - whether it is the taking off, the flying or landing that makes your heart rate rise - you don't need to keep feeling nervous forever or let this fear of flying keep you from enjoying spending some lovely time with your special someone. Whatever the reasons for the fear of flying, there are experts who have researched and figured out some game plans and steps you can take that can calm you the next time you get on a plane. Here are a few that you could try out that can help you deal with your severe phobia.

Find out what to expect

Learning the basics about planes before a romantic travel has really assisted fearful flyers for years. Its been proven to go a long way in warding off the worry. For instance, for those that worry about a plane failing mid-air, just a simple thing as understanding how it can continue flying even in the case of an engine failure can somehow reduce the anxiety caused by the thought of a plane malfunctioning.

Simple explanations about things like how planes manage to stay in the air, causes of turbulence can really put a person at ease. The thing is, turbulence can be demystified. Alarming as it might seem, there are simple explanations for it. In reality, its caused by the same routine shifts in the wind that birds encounter daily. Planes are built for most turbulence they encounter and the plane can take it.

Understand what triggers the anxiety

All fears have causes and triggers. These can range from our thoughts to images, sensations and memories of things that we might have experienced in life to which we have become sensitized. If for instance you are used to certain bodily feelings, it can instill the fear for turbulence landing or takeoff. If its a fear of heights or claustrophobia, you can always find a way to manage that.

Some of these triggers can be managed by simply managing one's media intake, especially when planning a holiday to romantic travel destinations. This might seem like common sense but it needs to be mentioned. You need to avoid watching airplane disaster documentaries and movies or even news that is covering other plane crashes as these will only add on to your fears. Even if there are a few reports or accounts of how a few planes crashed, always remember that the vast majority usually land safely and that large number doesn't make the news mentioning that they landed safely. Only the few problem fights are featured. I will mention this again: flying is way safer than driving.

Don’t let that skew your impressions of flying.

Get an aisle seat

When planning for romantic trips in US, especially during the holiday season, it is advisable that you do it early enough. Now, if you are scared of flying, an aisle seat can be an ideal choice for fearing flyers. So planning ahead can actually give you an upper hand as you get the chance to request the seat you want  - most airlines allow it.

Now if you are claustrophobic, an aisle seat will make you feel less crowded by other people. Plus you can easily get up and move around easily whenever the feeling crops up. As for those with a fear of heights, an aisle seat is ideal as you can avoid looking out of the window.

Depending on what is causing the anxiety, any seat can work. You just need to figure out which one puts you at ease. For instance, middle seats give one two armrests to grip.

Attend a fear of flying course

A simple workshop that focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy can really help you when taking trips with your partner. Most people who have taken such simple courses have been able to fly without letting the fear take over them. At these courses, you will meet pilots who are willing to take you through how they fly the planes, you will also find psychologists who are very reassuring.

Deep breaths

Relaxation techniques are popularly known by Psychologists as the most effective ways to calm anxiety. The thing with anxiety is that it makes your breathing shallow. So all you need is to take a deep breath. Deep and conscious breathing is an immediate stress reliever. Breathe in through the nose, hold for some counts and exhale through the mouth.

Other techniques include guided imagery where you can visualize a safe and peaceful space, muscle relaxation techniques where you tense different muscles then release the different muscles gradually as you breathe.

Don't put yourself in a position where you have to rush

Having to rush also increases anxiety. So give yourself enough time before flying. Don't put yourself in a position where you are rushing to the gate thinking that you might miss your flight. Plan your hours well and leave your house on time.

Do the waiting at the lounge

If you can afford the private airport lounges while on your romantic travel, then that's the best option because they are quiet and luxurious. That way you avoid the hustle of the public lounges at the airport. Much as they are on a membership basis, you can still get a day pass for like $5o. What's 50 dollars if it is going to keep you calm as you wait for the flight?

Visit the cockpit

Now, this is where getting early has its perks. So if there is time, ask the flight attendant to meet the pilot who will fly your plane. If that isn't possible, the have a chat with one of the flight attendants. This helps most people on their romantic trips in US because when you talk to people who hold your safety in their hands, they can reassure you... even make you believe in their competence. Plus, most pilots and flight attendants are very friendly. Talking to them can create some trust in them.

Watch  Something Funny

Carry a good magazine or a good book whenever you are flying to romantic travel destinations. Alternatively, ask for a comedy on your in-flight entertainment system or load some on your laptop before the flight. Whatever you go for, make sure it lasts the duration of the flight.

Soothing music is also helpful and can take you to that peaceful place. So stock up a great playlist on your phone or tablet. Also, some stress-relieving meditation or instructional breathing sessions will do. There are so many downloadable apps that have that even when the phone is on airplane mode.

Or pop a pill

If relaxation, music and breathing exercises don't work for you then ask your doctor to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication or sleeping pills for the flight. These are great sedatives to help you not get worked up about the movement or noises from the plane.

A drink might work too...

When flying to your romantic journeys, a glass of wine or two can be a great alternative to the anti-anxiety medication. That said, you should not mix both medication and alcohol. When done in moderation, alcohol can calm nerves. Now, you need to remember that alcohol can also cause dehydration. So, down plenty of water while at it

Upgrade to first-class

If the money allows it, then upgrade to first-class whenever you fly for your romantic journeys. You can sleep peacefully. For most people, just being comfortable and all the first-class treatment gives them emotional comfort too.

Visit a therapist

How bad should your flying anxiety get for it to warrant an appointment with a medical professional? Well, if you can't sleep, you get sick from anxiety or you avoid traveling at the expense of your relationship with your special someone, then those are clear cues for you to seek professional help. Therapists can help you figure out some of the underlying causes of your flying anxiety and how to overcome those fears.

A change in thoughts can change how you cope and respond to your fears. And this is where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy comes in handy. This can reduce the intensity of the anxiety.

Just go ahead and take the flight

Just hop on the plane and enjoy your romantic travel. This is called exposure therapy. There is that thing people call 'facing your fears'. The thing is if your significant other has planned a romantic trip for you that involves flying, just do it. Facing your fears head-on can make it normal. Plus, the person you love will be right there beside you to soothe and reassure you that all will be well.

The thing is, the more you fly, the sooner you will begin to realize that there is really nothing to be worried about. Slowly, your nerves will start easing. So just fly and keep doing it. And before you know it, you will be enjoying every moment of it.

The thing is the decision of whether to fly or not to solely lies with you. So you have to make that decision for you. But if you follow the above tips of overcoming the fear of flying, then you and your beau have a whole world for you to explore. My advice: Don't let the fear of flying change your way of life.

For more articles on dealing with severe phobias, visit Love is All Colors.

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    I agree with what the writer has said above. I would definitely take a class on overcoming the fear of flying if that is your greatest fear. Right now, we really can't do much traveling with all the social distancing, but once it's over, my best advice is too not think so much about the trip you're taking. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Analysis equals Paralysis?" If you think too much, you'll be more anxious and basically talk yourself out of the whole thing. Go in with no expectation and have fun. Don't think. Bring your music, watch a movie, sit in the aisle and relax...

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