More and More People Embrace Interracial Marriage - Why?

Posted by Sidney, 20 Nov

Not long ago, interracial marriage was illegal in most places. Now that the law is no longer against marrying people from other races, interracial marriages are on the upswing. Couples from different cultures are getting together to celebrate their love. You can’t go a day on social media without seeing gorgeous interracial couples serving #CoupleGoals and showing that love is all colors. Pop culture acknowledges this growing trend, just in case you were wondering; why are there so many interracial couples in commercials? The real question is, why have people become eager to intermarry? Are there any particular factors responsible for intermarriage?

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What is interracial marriage?

Interracial marriage is a marriage between two people from different cultures or racialized ethnicities. All over the world, couples who are polar opposites of each other are finding love together. According to interracial marriage statistics, the number of interracial marriages increases daily, and it won’t be wrong to credit social media as one of the motivators.

It’s not all social media, though. There are other reasons why people are leaving their cozy cultural bubbles in search of love from elsewhere. So here are some of the other factors that are making people embrace this more...

Education and Intercultural Marriage

People with higher educational degrees are more likely to intermarry. This pattern is well-recognized. This can be attributed to the diversity that exists in colleges and universities. People from third world countries always get scholarships to go to the US, UK, Australia... They will definitely meet someone there and fall in love. And love leads to marriage.

Another reason is that highly educated people tend to be more open to a lot of things. The exposure to several cultures makes them less conservative. Areas with more highly educated people tend to have a higher number of intercultural marriages. There just might be something in that university water. So it’s safe to assume that with so many educated people being released into the real world, intercultural marriages will increase even more.

Migrations and Intercultural Marriage

Big cities have become such huge melting pots, owing to the large number of people migrating to vibrant urban areas from all parts of the world. In many of the world’s best known metropolitan areas like New York, Paris, and Stockholm, Melbourne... you’ll find a nice mix of people from all over the world. These people are highly likely to meet, interact, date, and possible intermarry. Interracial marriage statistics have noted that as long as people move around and settle in places outside their original countries, there’s a huge possibility that they’ll continue to meet and intermarry.

Second Generation Intercultural Marriages

People who are born to interracial couples are also likely to seek out partners from other racial groups. It could be that these mixed-race offspring are eager to replicate the model they grew up in.  Second generation intercultural marriage is a thing!

Because offspring of interracial couples are familiar with the dating racism that their parents encountered, they will be less scared of dating or marrying people from another race. They are used to the scrutiny and the challenges that come with interracial dating, and as such, they’ll be more ready to love people who are different from them. They are more comfortable with the mixing of cultures seeing as they lived it.

Wokeness and Interracial Marriages

By wokeness, we mean a radical shift in how people perceive race, gender, and sexuality. You can agree that people no longer view these issues with the same lenses that their grandparents did in the sixties. The world is evolving, and thankfully, many people are learning to see beyond color.

Thankfully, families are also getting a bit more woke than before. Parents are more accepting of their children bringing home someone from another race. Some parents may ask you why you didn’t continue dating Ms. Eugenie’s daughter instead of the white girl. But at least most parents know that they should leave you alone to face your interracial relationship. Same goes for white and Hispanic relationships.

Racism and Interracial Marriage

It wasn’t that long ago that Loving V. Virginia happened (well, let me admit that "long ago" is relative). Since then, that historic fight for freedom has caused a rise in interracial marriages. Before then, the law had frowned on mixing of the races. Now it is no longer illegal to love someone whose skin color is different from yours. But there are still challenges, though. You definitely won't be arrested but you might get ignorant questions and remarks. This tolerance to interracial dating is a great sign that the future is bright for intercultural couples all over the world.

More and more people are embracing interracial marriages because it is less stressful these days. All that ducking and running from the law didn’t make interracial relationships appealing, anyway.

For more interesting articles and real-life stories on interracial couples, visit the love is all colors website.

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  1.   Liacool says:
    Posted: 28 Nov 18

    Beautiful colors when mixed create more beauty... People like beautiful things..

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  2.   Rosepeekay says:
    Posted: 26 Nov 18

    For me colour it's like music ,it has no colour we all go with the beat or motion.....and we are taught and adapt to differentiating humans according to colour. The only different thing about us is gender. I am human!

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  3.   Fredobaz says:
    Posted: 21 Nov 18

    Wow! This is very nice write up with good explanation.

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